Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sharing Christmas

Such a happy time and what a great day. Family together, enjoying a meal,
opening gifts, talking and sharing,.......reconnecting.

We were looking at photo albums and
there are a couple of Christmas pictures I
wanted to share. My brother and I in 1954.
The second photo shows my kids, Shakira
and Ben in 1992. Amazing!


Sweet Sam finally caved, had enough
picture taking, enough tearing through
all the Christmas wrap, enough sneaking
bites of food from everyone and went
to sleep.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Silent Night........

We come to hear the story of the birth of Jesus.....
It is in the Christmas story that the true meaning of
     Christmas lies......
It is about the greatest of miracles and
      the best gift of all.........


'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Ok boys and's here, really here. The nite before Xmas .  The stockings are hung,
cookies and milk are out, and it's time for you to go to bed. Honestly, Santa can't come if
you're awake...
Sleep tight
Try with all your might
Santa's taken flight.........

The Stockings Were Hung

Around here stockings are a
pretty big deal. Almost as
important as the really big
presents. It was easier and a lot
cheaper when they were small
children. From Matchbox
cars and Nerf toys, to Pretty
Ponies and plastic jewelry,
we progressed to nail polish
and earrings, Transformers,
squirt guns, candy and gum.
Well, they're 27 and 37 and
I'm still doing stockings. Even
Ron and I and son in law
Mark enjoy our stocking
gifts. So everyone gets a
gift card from their favorite
eatery, a magazine, socks, and
one other special item.  It's
still fun…..our Xmas tradition.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Come Home To Christmas

Gather your loved ones….whether you'll be caroling, last minute shopping,
baking, or attending Christmas services at church, its important to connect
with your family and friends. Don't fret the hustle and bustle. Remember,
Christmas is about the greatest of miracles. Share the joy, experience the
happiness, feel the inner sense of peace knowing God is with you.

So come home…'s the very best place to be!!


Friday, December 20, 2013

Festive Treats

What"s that saying; nothing says
 loving' like something from the
 oven. Well who doesn't love all
 the cookies, candies, and chocolate
 covered somethings. When I was
 younger the powdered sugar was
 flying everywhere. During the
 holiday season I loved to give to
 my friends and relatives, not to
 mention Ron's workplace treats
 and something for the kids to
 take to school. It was fun.. the
 house always smelled so good.
 Now days, I bake a few things
 when the spirit moves me. I
 know I don't have to. One thing
 I make every year without fail
 are cupcakes with green mint
 icing and a candy cane stuck
 in the middle. This is my tradition,
 in memory of my Mom. When I                                    
 was in elementary school, my
 birthday, being December 20th,
 was also the day of the Xmas
 party. Yes, I proudly shared
 those cupcakes with my class.
 I'm smiling right now…….
 Thanks Mom!

 * Please enjoy 4 recipes. See
    Earthly Delights. Included are
    pictures of some goodies


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis The Season…..

 Is your social calendar bursting?
 Is the to do list growing?
 Holiday thyme doesn't need to be perfect…
 just joyful!! Focus on the things that make
 you feel good and feel grateful.

 So yes, tis the season to:
 * buy Sam, the Pug, a Christmas toy,
      maybe two
 * enjoy a holiday lunch with a girlfriend
 * indulge a little, have a Christmas
      Cosmopolitan drink before dinner
 *sing some Christmas carols with my
 * enjoy the Christmas tree and lights
       in the evening with Ron
 * reflect on my many blessings and
       be thankful…..          


Tie A Bow…..

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree….
  the presence of a happy family all wrapped
  up in each other.
                                Burton Hillis

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rudolph And All His Friends

Hello friends, snowfall here about 4 inches
so far. Its beautiful with the freshly fallen
snow.  A neighbor was out walking his
dog and he had a bright red sweater on to
keep him warm. I began to think about
all our pet friends, the birds, rabbits,
squirrels, and I want to encourage all
to keep their pets safe and warm during
the winter season. If you have feeders for
our outdoor friends...keep them filled!

"the good man is the friend of all
  living things"   M. Ghandi

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Colors

 There are several colors usually associated with
 Christmas. I think of red, green, gold, and silver
 primarily. The colors and their meanings come
 from a lot of traditions, customs and particular
 religious beliefs. Adding flowers and plants to
 our homes and giving them as gifts will always
 lift our spirits and make others feel good too.
 Green: think holly, ivy, evergreen, and this
 includes the different varieties of Christmas
 trees. Red: of course the poinsettia, amaryllis,
 Christmas cactus, and kalanchoe.

 Whatever colors you use in your home this
 season, include some plants and flowers but
 don't forget that mistletoe. That will put a
 smile on your face!!!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Thyme Is Near



Holly & Mistletoe       

Rudolph & The Reindeer

All The Christmas Carols

Egg Nog & Candy Canes

Angels & The Advent Season

Sleigh Bells Ringing

Xmas Trees & Xmas Cookies

Santa & The Elves

Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph

Firesides, Yuletides & Glad Tidings Of Joy


Sunday, December 8, 2013


It was quiet, peaceful. Large flakes wind...gentle and for a moment
I held the snow in my gloved hand and then it melted. Morning thyme,
no school today and right then I had it all to myself. Winter is here and
snow has followed.

December Thyme

I'm sure we're all in the swing of December. Lights are going up around our
neighborhood and I saw a couple of cars with trees on top, how exciting. My
first Christmas card came from my brother Jim and his wife Lisa. I thought
it was so beautiful I wanted to share. I realize I have to get my cards ready,
get some cookies baked, plan the Christmas dinner, and still some shopping
left to do. But you know what, it's ok because I love this time of year. So
I will try not to be to stressed and enjoy this wonderful holiday season and
what it means to each of us.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Deck The Halls....

Gather those ornaments, put up those lights, string the popcorn
and cranberries. Transforming your home into a beautiful, magical
Christmas site can be very stressful. Consider what you want to
decorate beside the tree. Think fireplace mantle, the railing on the
staircase, foyer table or entry way, table tops, and the front door.
Making a list may help, think of your particular collections, and
add lots of candles and votives. To that, use seasonal garlands
and greenery. Natural items like pinecones which can be spray-
painted gold or silver, pomegranates and fresh fruit and nuts
look great placed in bowls or baskets. Luminarias look fantastic
outside by the  front door for a festive greeting. Add a decorated
wreath and you're set to go.
As you decorate for the holidays, enjoy the Christmas music,
have a cookie, and keep in mind the real joys of the season.......
faith, hope,and peace!!