Monday, April 28, 2014

Are you Feeling It?….

Weekend spent outdoors doing garden chores.
I love the cool mornings, little breezy but when
you're mowing it feels good. Ron and I
completed a lot of little projects and he was
able to catch some golf thyme. He also
discovered woodpeckers making a nest in
the neighbor's yard. Exciting watching them.
Trying to get a great picture to share.
Wearing a new garden thyme apron, one
of three I purchased from Etsy. This one
done by Mary from harvestaprongirl. It's
wonderful! Large pockets, long length,
and can you see the Garden Thyme With Diana embroidered at the top?
I will share the other 2 in later posts. Can't wait to get my herb pots planted.
Garden center here I come!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thyme For A Book Review #2

MAGICAL JOURNEY by Katrina Kenison came my 
way after reading a few of her letters on the blog
connected to this author and loved her style of
writing. An honest thought-provoking book that
tells her story, her journey, her path if you will
of a very trying time in her life. Her son leaves
home before she had come to terms with that
happening, (are we ever ready for the empty
nest?) and this starts a series of changes in her
life. Her bittersweet truths set her on a spiritual
journey to find answers to: who am I, where am I
going, I'm getting old, a friend has died.. questioning
everything and wondering how do you get from
here to there. To me it's like you're outside yourself
and watching the losses grow. Where is the purpose.
Sounds heavy and negative doesn't it? Well it's not.
Really. You realize that you share these "things"
with other women. Shifting tides. I do a lot of
reflection lately and I think it's my age (63), the
lose of my Dad after being a caregiver, and watching
my daughter grow into herself and change. I look
back a lot when I think of her. I'm learning a lot more
now especially after reading this book, and maybe
realizing a little more of what life's all about. This story
about a woman who accepts, who allows grace to enter,
who's at peace right now, this very moment. That's
all we can ask for…right?                                                                                        

Thank You Katrina.                                                                                      

*A great book club selection                                                                          

* Review is my opinion                                                                                                  

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thyme for Blog Housekeeping Duties

Heather, my blog mentor, came by for a little instruction.
Finally addressed the question of how to allow others
to follow my blog by email. Done…up and running.
Working very well so far. I was holding my breath on
this one. If you will look to the right hand column you
will see FOLLOW by EMAIL. Simply put in your
email and push submit. You will get instructions
on how to proceed. They will send you back a
confirmation email, then unscramble a few letters and
numbers and that should be it. Now what you will get
is a new post each time I do one (not the whole blog
site) just the most recent one. You will be able to go
to the Blog site by tapping on Garden Thyme With
Now, as to commenting on the Blog….you must
Join This Site, located on the right side under
PETALS. Simply follow the instructions given
to be able to comment on the individual post.
Plus you can add a picture. And please comment,
I'd love to see and read what you guys are thinking!
Moving on..a new profile picture and THYME
To READ have been added for all you book lovers.
Reviews are starting. I will add the date I do a
review by the book title located under BOOK LIST.
Whew!! Did you get all that! Boring, but necessary.
Fun stuff... added some FAVORITE BLOG sites,
which can be anything that interests me and GARDEN
SITES which, well you know where you buy
gardening "stuff". Just tap and there you be.
So hope this helps my friends…been quite a journey
so far. I'm lovin' it and having fun.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22..Earth Day

Earth Day, first celebrated in 1970, now celebrated globally in 192 
countries, to honor and show support for environmental

"You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on
the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you
have to decide what kind of difference you want to make."
Jane Goodall

"Here is your  country.
Cherish these natural
wonders, cherish the natural
resources, cherish the history and
romance as a sacred
heritage, for your children
and your children's
children. Do not let selfish men
or greedy interests skin your
country of its beauty, its riches
or its romance."
Theodore Roosevelt

Celebrate your EARTH:
*grow a garden
*conserve water
*reduce waste
*take a walk, enjoy
*think green, teach green, be green

Feel the EARTH move under your feet!!  

Monday, April 21, 2014

Thyme for a Book Review #1

BREAD & WINE, a delightfully honest book by Shauna Niequist. 
This non-fiction collection of stories told from around the kitchen 
table will certainly hold  your attention. Nope you won't be bored.  
Sort of a Chicken Soup for the Soul  kind of book. Yes, it has  
recipes, menu/entertaining, and pantry ideas. But more than a      
book about food and friendships; you are witnessing moments of   
life -- joy and heartache, goodness and tribulation, rituals and   
traditions.  I had tears, I laughed and smiled alot, and noticed I 
was shaking my head up and down… yes, yes to her words. 
Thought to myself I get that. Her Christian faith appears strong
indeed as she shares and invites us into her world, her life, and 
her "kitchen."
I felt nourished by her book.
**This is a great book club selection. Review my opinion.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Thyme

Today we have much to celebrate. God's gracious gift of 
life through JESUS CHRIST, who lived to teach the truth, 
died as a sacrifice for our sins, and was resurrected 
as our SAVIOR for eternity!                                
Oh glorious day!




Saturday, April 19, 2014

Are You EGGcited!!!

Here comes "Peter Cotton Tail,
hopping down the bunny trail"..
Memories of chocolate bunnies
and jellybeans, dyeing eggs
with my kids and of course
the big Easter egg hunt. A
happy family thyme. Sweet
bunnies and yellow chicks,
daffodils and tulips. Outside
all of you and enjoy the day.


How about a bunny joke!!
(Ben used to love these)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

April, National Gardening Month

Gardening by definition
is the act of cultivating
or tending a garden.
When you garden, you
are growing plants,
flowers, fruits and
vegetables. We are
actively participating
in producing beauty,
providing edible foods
and helping the
environment. GOD
has given us this
wonderful gift in
our ability to create
and work in our

So take advantage. What joy you will find!!                          

Now is the time to sow seeds for early
cool-season veggies (like radishes),
get your roses pruned and fertilized,
NOW, and clean up your perennials.
You can plant summer bulbs now
along with many perennials. But be
aware frosts are common in April.
Protect as needed (included are
spring flowering bushes). We are
cutting grass now and in the throws
of weeding and cleaning our beds
just in time for the mulching.

Most important..sit and relax in the
sun, watch the birds, and enjoy your
early flowers!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Backyard Happenings

Did you hang your wreath on your door friends? Its such a welcoming site!
I know we're getting such mixed signals from Mother Nature, but wasn't it
a wonderful weekend to be outside. I saw a lot of activity going on around
my neighborhood. Grass being cut, ladders out doing house repairs, kids
with kites, why Ron and I had our lunch outside.      
Sam was visiting and he was into just about everything. Needed a bath too.
We're pushing forward, doing what we can weather permitting, but I love
it. Doing some yard decorating now, (pictures to come). Birdhouses
and my garden ladies are up. Still need to be dressed though…I think
new aprons and hats don't you?

                           Thoughts turn to Easter,
                                                    (next time)

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello friends. I am so excited. There
is a new addition to my blog, Thyme 
To Read. I am such a big reader and
have enjoyed many different genres
of books. I want to share some of
those book titles that have brought
me enjoyment.
Hold on a minute, Sam, (the Pug),
has decided to check out the books
for himself. He just had to be a part
of this so, yep, he's putting his
"Paw of Approval" on each
book. See Sam's picture under this
new addition.
Ok, where were we. I started with 3
titles, nonfiction. My intent is to
offer my opinions about each book
with you. There will be a variety. I
will even include some cookbooks
and garden books. I will come back
to these 3 books and give you my
review and thoughts before I add
others. Please let me know if you
have favorites to share. Enjoy!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Raining, Let's Bake Bread

Raining, ALOT…
I've been wanting to make this recipe since March. Would have been
just the thing for St. Patrick's Day. Irish Soda Bread…very easy. See
EARTHLY DELIGHTS for recipe. (from Susan

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April At Last

Grass turning green
Getting the garden ready
Seeds, sprouts, flowers, vegetables
Leaves on the trees, rebirth….new life
Rain, rain, and sometimes more rain
Sunshine…warmth, not even a jacket
Feeling so happy, you want to smile
Doves "cooing" in the morning
Riding bikes
Tuning up the lawnmower
Tops down on the convertibles..taking a ride
Spring says goodbye to winter
Don't you feel good today...
HELLO Mother Earth!!!