Monday, April 21, 2014

Thyme for a Book Review #1

BREAD & WINE, a delightfully honest book by Shauna Niequist. 
This non-fiction collection of stories told from around the kitchen 
table will certainly hold  your attention. Nope you won't be bored.  
Sort of a Chicken Soup for the Soul  kind of book. Yes, it has  
recipes, menu/entertaining, and pantry ideas. But more than a      
book about food and friendships; you are witnessing moments of   
life -- joy and heartache, goodness and tribulation, rituals and   
traditions.  I had tears, I laughed and smiled alot, and noticed I 
was shaking my head up and down… yes, yes to her words. 
Thought to myself I get that. Her Christian faith appears strong
indeed as she shares and invites us into her world, her life, and 
her "kitchen."
I felt nourished by her book.
**This is a great book club selection. Review my opinion.

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