Thursday, April 17, 2014

April, National Gardening Month

Gardening by definition
is the act of cultivating
or tending a garden.
When you garden, you
are growing plants,
flowers, fruits and
vegetables. We are
actively participating
in producing beauty,
providing edible foods
and helping the
environment. GOD
has given us this
wonderful gift in
our ability to create
and work in our

So take advantage. What joy you will find!!                          

Now is the time to sow seeds for early
cool-season veggies (like radishes),
get your roses pruned and fertilized,
NOW, and clean up your perennials.
You can plant summer bulbs now
along with many perennials. But be
aware frosts are common in April.
Protect as needed (included are
spring flowering bushes). We are
cutting grass now and in the throws
of weeding and cleaning our beds
just in time for the mulching.

Most important..sit and relax in the
sun, watch the birds, and enjoy your
early flowers!!

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