Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So Long February

February is merely as long as is needed to pass time
until March.
         -Dr. J.R. Stockton

Nope, not going to miss this month. Still mid-winter
but we're looking at Spring in 24 days. (March 19 )
I can feel good just thinking about that.

Ok, February not a good gardening month. But we had an
unusually warm day this past weekend (low 70 ish) so have 
to share my new garden boots. We gardeners are starting
to feel an itch, a tug, a pull towards the soil…I'm sure you
get it. So what you can do is firm up those garden plans,
order your seeds, and take a look at the garden tools. Some
tree pruning can be done right now before spring, consult
your tree specialist. Also take advantage of the many garden
seminars and classes being offered at your local nurseries 
and garden centers. If you're thinking of a lawnmower
tune-up, you better be making a call. They can get quite 
busy this time of year.

I saw these Amaryllis bulbs at a gift shop and just had to
have one. Sort of a last minute winter project. I've never
grown an Amaryllis before and thought, why not. I'll keep 
you posted. In about 5-8 weeks, flowers should emerge. 
Here's what they should look like.

Picture courtesy of Gardener's Supply Company

Thyme for a new thought filled  word. 

A great word isn't it. The picture kinda speaks for itself. I'm
going to let you ponder on this.

A new recipe awaits:
Check it out under EARTHLY DELIGHTS or click on
the link above.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nature's Thyme

One thing has become apparent this winter. It's a week to week 
scenario. We've experienced mild temperatures, sunny days 
wearing only our jackets, then abruptly changing to single digit, 
bitter cold freezes. And, let's not forget the snow. While Ron 
and I are shoveling 3 inches of snow from our long, long, wide 
nuisance of a driveway, we are thinking that it's finally time for 
the snowblower to be on standby. Well, maybe not. It's going to 
be 61 degrees on Friday. Really? But, I'm not complaining. No 
sirree….I'll take it and smile. It does stay interesting. I'll walk
in most weather unless there is ice, my fear of falling takes over
and then it's to the treadmill in the basement. I like to be outside,
to wander around my yard, and scope out the changes. So how
about a little picture sharing thyme?

Much to see outside.

The chicks want to share too…visiting friends, shoveling snow
why they've even built a snowman.

I hope you enjoyed our visit outside.

a recipe from daughter Shakira

Thursday, February 11, 2016

It's All About The Heart

The big red heart, symbol of love, sign of affection, a token of
romantic belonging. 

Is it just for the ones who are married, engaged, have a boy/girlfriend?
No way. Think friends, teachers, grandma/grandpa, 
grandchildren, or neighbors, and how about pets?

Celebrate your way, celebrate affection, celebrate the heart!

"Where there is love, there is life."
                                   -Mahatma Gandhi


How about some baked goods  for a special someone. Right
here.. see for Granola, made
by you. Yep, hop to it.

Thanks for stopping by.
p.s. for a Valentine to give, you may copy the above and print on
heavier paper or card stock. Diana

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Thyme

Not your typical February. I'm tracking here 53 degrees, sunny
with some gusty winds. The El Nino pattern continues with our
Ohio Valley temperatures staying milder than our norm for
this time of year. Hey, I'm not complaining. AND, it's still
winter folks…so enjoy the moments.

Yes, the fury forecasters have spoken.  From Punxsutawney Phil,
Ohio's Buckeye Chuck, North Carolina's Sir Wally Wally to West
Virginia's French Creek Freddie…well they've all been heard from.
"No shadow to be cast, an early spring is the forecast!" Yipee…

Are you a leap year baby? If so this is your thyme to shine. An 
extra day for 2016. The next won't be until 2020. This periodic 
adjustment allows our planet to be in synch with its orbital 
rotation if you will. That's about all the science I can handle. 
Moving on..

Sweet Sam is here for a visit. He went right for the ball. 

And the chicks went right for Sam. Why they wanted to walk!! Line
up now, nice and straight.

So back to some important stuff. Remember your honey, 
remember your friend, remember Valentines Day. Give a heart!