Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It's Red, White And Blooming Thyme

Oh the joy. Planting thyme has arrived, and I am happy.
Our recent weather woes of frost and freeze, hopefully, is
behind us. Soil temperatures have warmed up for planting
and the soil has dried out. So grab your annuals and
tomatoes and plant away.

In the spring at the end of the day,
you should smell like dirt. 
                                -Margaret Atwood

It was a beautiful day to plant up my herb jars. The sun was
shining, an afternoon breeze lightened the 80 degree 
temperature. The robins, doves and cardinals were singing
their distinctive tunes and ignoring my garden puttering.
I took a moment and watched the carpenter bees buzzing 
around the potting shed looking for just the right spot to tunnel 
into the wood to lay their eggs. We seemed to tolerate each other,
as we both had a job to do. They are a nature friend.

The beautiful spring came; and when Nature
resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt
to revive also.
                   -Harriet Ann Jacobs

There …flowers all planted, tomato plants in and caged up.
Next up for me, work on the fairy gardens. 
Things are finally moving along.

She needs a dress
and apron, watch
for it.

This is Memorial Day weekend; Monday May 30th is the
holiday. My Mom always referred to it as Decoration Day.  
It was common to visit cemeteries to decorate the graves, 
mainly military ones and place flowers and flags to honor 
their service. We honor those who have given their lives, 
we honor those still serving. Thank you.

I promised you a recipe. 
is the place to check it out.
Next up, more info from the garden, and another recipe?
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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May..Give Us A Break

May typically progresses quite nicely. We expect the spring
rains and the winds that come pushing the storms along. We
expect cool mornings and sunny afternoon with temperatures
of 60's and 70's. We expect to open our windows and let the
fresh air in… We don't expect a frost with temps hovering at  
30 degrees during the second week of May. After Mother's 
Day we want to plant our annuals and tomatoes. We want
to hang our beautiful flower baskets and mow our lawns
happily in the early evening without a jacket and earmuffs.
A moment please…

Had to regroup and find myself..

Lets's get busy.
The grass is greener than green, and mowing is so therapeutic.

There's still lots to do. Mulching makes the yard look finished.

Early morning delivery, 8yds. See the steam rising off the mulch?
Love that smell.

Sam (the Pug) discovers a frog. They are everywhere in the garden.

My garden areas are shaping up. It makes me happy.

I love water features for the yard. This is my new one, the "ducks."
Tap the arrow to view. To view again hit the refresh button.

Next up: more garden stuff and a recipe

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A New Beginning

Have I given you enough of a hint? Can you see where I'm
going with this post? Well, you would be right!!!! Ron and
I are going to be GRANDPARENTS. We are beyond thrilled.
Ben and Madison, as expectant parents, you're happy, 
delighted, excited and hopeful. A little bit scared and nervous,  
and fear (of the unknown) shows around the edges. That's ok, 
you should be all of the above. You're looking at a big job, a 
lifelong contract, a beginning with no end in sight, at least not 
for 20-30 years! Ha-Ha. But we know you're up to the task.
Love is there and God is at the helm. We can ask for no more.
Do your job, give it your best. Be a team Moore. If you need 
help, ASK. From both families, we give you love straight from
the heart.

Poem for Baby

Sweet little baby
Come so May.
Know you are loved
Our gift from above.
So stay nice and cozy
Mom's tummy so toasty.
And grow sweet dear
Your day is near.
For when your birth day comes,
We'll stand and cheer.
Our little angel is finally here.
                         Diana Moore (grandma)

*Buckle up Sam (the Pug)

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Friday, May 6, 2016

For All the Moms...Here's To You

Awww, what a wonderful message from Sam (the Pug) and his 
garden friends to all the moms. Thanks guys.

Sunday May 8…Mother's Day
A holiday celebrated annually as a tribute to all mothers. We
take her out to dinner, buy her flowers and cards, do yard
work, take her to the movies, or just let her take a nap. We
love our moms.

She made broken look beautiful
and strong look invincible.
She walked with the universe
on her shoulders and made it 
look like a pair of wings
     -Ariana Dancu

As a mother I want to be humble enough
to realize I haven't mastered it all
Brave enough to keep trying
And grateful enough to see the grace 
in it all.

Geraldine Grace…. 1930-1999
Hi Mom, I miss you. From you I learned to cook, appreciate 
and love reading, and wanting to express myself someway
creatively. You were a good mom, you gave me life and I
love you.

Thyme for a recipe, visit

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