Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thyme For Bees..Flowers Please

Bees may look a little scary.  But bees are also a friend in nature. They are an
insect pollinator. Along with bees (including the Honey Bee), butterflies too
play an important role in cross-pollinating. They help pollinate all blooming
plants and flowers that provide vegetation and food for us. Cashews, gourds,
watermelons, kiwifruit are a few of the crops that need the bees and other
pollinators to grow and produce. The bees move pollen from a male
flower to a female one, eventually fertilization occurs.
Many plants require this process to reproduce
and grow. Another wonderful by-product from
certain bees are honey. A great sweetener that
contain antioxidants which boosts the body's
immune system.                                    
 What can we do? Plant a garden!
Whether it's perennials, wildflowers
or annuals, providing a variety will
help create lots of nectar and pollen
sources. Try Beebalm, Sunflowers,
Peonies, Black-Eyed Susans. Your
garden center will be glad to help in your
choices. Let's be proactive for our eco-system. Also be careful
with chemicals, try a natural-made product!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Memorial Day


A day to remember all those who have died in service of their country
the United States of America.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thyme to Mulch And Plant


It's 7:30 am, the sun is out, and I feel the day. Sam the Pug is here for a visit. 
He's snoozing right bedside me but if I say let's go outside he moves pretty 
quickly to the door. We have a routine and the walk comes first. Then after  
we have breakfast, it's back outside. I'm mulching the beds. Had 5 yards of 
mulch delivered last week, in the rain…a nice steady rain with no wind. I 
could smell the earthiness as it fell from the truck on my driveway. Saw the 
steam rising from the dark pile. I could have started my task right then. 
But I held off, it wasn't in the lineup. The yard needed trimming first. As I 
continued to watch the mulch fall, I started remembering…thinking how 
many years I've been doing this and the pleasure it gives me. 
Simple task actually, take the pitchfork, not a shovel, much easier…really. Then  
fill the wheelbarrow, and first to the trees, around the shrubs, under the long 
stand of arborvitae. Then around the decorated beds, carefully by hand, placing 
the mulch around each flower, each garden ornament. I'll end up doing the 
cottage garden last. The same process year after year. So after the weeding,
after turning over the old mulch, after deciding how much new mulch to
buy, it will begin. What joy--a simple pleasure. Sam's pleasure, lying on
the grass, sun shinning….not a care in the world!!
Other May notes…wanted to share my first harvest, Cherry Belle radishes.
Growing to harvest 26 days. Small round very tasty. Going to sow another
2 rows before it get too warm. This is a cool weather crop. My midget
carrots have a way to go and the tomatoes, they're growing. I did have to
cover my tomato plants for 3 nights due to the cold temperatures. Hopefully
we're done with that.  Annuals can easily be planted now. So many to choose
from. A favorite Marguerite Daisies…easy to grow, just deadhead and 
they will bloom all summer. They tolerate a lot of sun as well. Marigolds,
Impatients, Mexican Heather also were planted. I sowed Zinnia seeds too.
Love these flowers for cutting. So, no matter what your garden desire is,
it's time to plant, plant, plant. Next up fairy gardens. Pictures to come.
               Enjoy your simple pleasures.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thyme For Book Review #3

YOU GROW GIRL by Gayla Trail an 
urban delight, this garden book how-
to. Very simple in style and tone, basic
instruction for beginning gardeners.
Divided into helpful sections, Plan,
Plant, Grow, Bounty, and Chill, it even
shares craft ideas, tips, resources, and
a couple of recipes.  Pictures many, 
illustrations very upbeat, the author
comes across witty, stylish, organic 
but street-wise. A great different kind
of garden book how to.. I loved it. 

 Speaking of gardening….
Also wanted to share my other 2 wonderful aprons. Purchased
on Etsy, the one above was made by PUNKIE PIE'S BOUTIQUE,
which was custom done, has a zippered pocket and key falb, and 
the apron pictured on the right was done by GRANDMACHRIS
SEWS. Also custom, I love the Thyme plant in the bucket.
Debbie and Chris, love them. Remember this apron from Mary
at MARY'S HARVEST THYME APRONS, long length, great
huge pockets, custom. Another winner!!  You just have to order an

Monday, May 12, 2014

Midnight Snack….mmm, New Recipe

Sometimes you wake up with a craving. Something sweet with a cold glass of
milk. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing, that will hit the spot. Maybe just
a small piece!
See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for this easy recipe.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

My daughter gave me a book several years ago called,  Thoughts to Share 
With a Wonderful Mother.  She highlighted a favorite and I want to share
that with you. It is beautiful and the words timely. I feel blessed to have
two fantastic children. To my Mom, I love you.

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made for me. Thank you 
for all you've given me and all you've done for me.

I know there have been times that, had it not been for your 
unselfishness, my life would have been different: not as
balanced, not as happy.

Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for your example.
Thank you for being my mother. I wouldn't trade you
even if I could. I love you so much.  
(Donna Fargo, author)


Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Busy May Day

Oh the garden centers are busy. I was there early morning and already a line.
How can you not feel the itch to plant something. Plus, Mothers Day this
Sunday. Do you have a plan? My family will all be here and I'm going to
cook. I want to, my idea and I'm hoping we can be outside. NO RAIN!
I've been busy planting some flowers and want to share some pictures.
Talked with friend Marietta and she was looking for some ideas for an
outdoor flower pot for her Mother. Something easy for her to care for.
I suggested a large geranium centered in a container and on either side
put asparagus ferns. Then in front and back of the flower put vinca vines.
Top it off with a tiny bird on a stick or a gnome
or a little angel. How easy is that? Just water
when dry. Will bloom the entire summer. With
a geranium you can go for a week and not
water, just dead-head for continual blooming.



Monday, May 5, 2014

May's Thyme Has Arrived

Finally May, and you were thinking warm days.
Not quite. Still cool but tolerable and makes
it easier to work outside. It's the wind. Not
giving us a break this weekend. But onward.
My bike has been repainted, new baskets
added and husband Ron put it back in front of the porch. Looks wonderful. Geraniums
have been planted..thank goodness! My 
friend Cindy checked in with me about
planting these so versatile  flowers. We get
them early Spring to get the best color and
size with lots of blooms and buds. For years
we've been at this. In the garage at night and
out in the morning. So finally I said this is
the weekend…"I'm planting!" It's a tradition
our thing. Checked on them this morning…
They made it, look just fine. 

Just a little reminder…Mother's Day 
coming up. I want you all to remember
to send a note or card to the special 
MOMs in your life. Please!


   Finally got my Finch picture.



                                                                             Herb pots done

Catch you later!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Garden View

No matter what it is, if it makes you happy, makes you feel good,  
and you're up in the morning thinking about it….well then do it. 
For me right now, it's working in my garden (my whole yard). I
make lists, walk the yard, make more lists, move the garden stuff
around, buy new stuff…..get the picture. My enjoyable pleasure
that completes me right now!!
So here's my take on 
  Sunshine & Rain
  Vegetables & Flowers
  Potting Sheds & Clay Pots
  Seeds & Bulbs
  Squirrels & Rabbits
  Compost & Worms
  Butterflies & Frogs
  Garden Gloves & Watering Cans
  Spring Thyme & Summer Thyme
  All Things Green & Feeling Joy

    That was fun. 
    At the garden center bought some 
    herbs, flower baskets, and a few 
    other fun things to put in the yard. 
    Not quite ready to put the baskets
    out yet but planted one herb jar
    and put out a couple of perennials.
    I'll wait a week to plant the veggies
    and the 14 large geraniums. Just
    remember our last frost date is 
    May 10th to 15th depending on
    who you talk to.

Gardening makes my HEART sing!