Monday, May 5, 2014

May's Thyme Has Arrived

Finally May, and you were thinking warm days.
Not quite. Still cool but tolerable and makes
it easier to work outside. It's the wind. Not
giving us a break this weekend. But onward.
My bike has been repainted, new baskets
added and husband Ron put it back in front of the porch. Looks wonderful. Geraniums
have been planted..thank goodness! My 
friend Cindy checked in with me about
planting these so versatile  flowers. We get
them early Spring to get the best color and
size with lots of blooms and buds. For years
we've been at this. In the garage at night and
out in the morning. So finally I said this is
the weekend…"I'm planting!" It's a tradition
our thing. Checked on them this morning…
They made it, look just fine. 

Just a little reminder…Mother's Day 
coming up. I want you all to remember
to send a note or card to the special 
MOMs in your life. Please!


   Finally got my Finch picture.



                                                                             Herb pots done

Catch you later!

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