Thursday, May 1, 2014

Garden View

No matter what it is, if it makes you happy, makes you feel good,  
and you're up in the morning thinking about it….well then do it. 
For me right now, it's working in my garden (my whole yard). I
make lists, walk the yard, make more lists, move the garden stuff
around, buy new stuff…..get the picture. My enjoyable pleasure
that completes me right now!!
So here's my take on 
  Sunshine & Rain
  Vegetables & Flowers
  Potting Sheds & Clay Pots
  Seeds & Bulbs
  Squirrels & Rabbits
  Compost & Worms
  Butterflies & Frogs
  Garden Gloves & Watering Cans
  Spring Thyme & Summer Thyme
  All Things Green & Feeling Joy

    That was fun. 
    At the garden center bought some 
    herbs, flower baskets, and a few 
    other fun things to put in the yard. 
    Not quite ready to put the baskets
    out yet but planted one herb jar
    and put out a couple of perennials.
    I'll wait a week to plant the veggies
    and the 14 large geraniums. Just
    remember our last frost date is 
    May 10th to 15th depending on
    who you talk to.

Gardening makes my HEART sing!



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