Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thyme For Book Review #3

YOU GROW GIRL by Gayla Trail an 
urban delight, this garden book how-
to. Very simple in style and tone, basic
instruction for beginning gardeners.
Divided into helpful sections, Plan,
Plant, Grow, Bounty, and Chill, it even
shares craft ideas, tips, resources, and
a couple of recipes.  Pictures many, 
illustrations very upbeat, the author
comes across witty, stylish, organic 
but street-wise. A great different kind
of garden book how to.. I loved it. 

 Speaking of gardening….
Also wanted to share my other 2 wonderful aprons. Purchased
on Etsy, the one above was made by PUNKIE PIE'S BOUTIQUE,
which was custom done, has a zippered pocket and key falb, and 
the apron pictured on the right was done by GRANDMACHRIS
SEWS. Also custom, I love the Thyme plant in the bucket.
Debbie and Chris, love them. Remember this apron from Mary
at MARY'S HARVEST THYME APRONS, long length, great
huge pockets, custom. Another winner!!  You just have to order an

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  1. Thank you for sharing on your blog. You look adorable in the apron!! I wished I lived near you see I could come see your gardens. :) Enjoy your new aprons - I love them all. I added a post about you on my blog and facebook as well.