Monday, May 19, 2014

Thyme to Mulch And Plant


It's 7:30 am, the sun is out, and I feel the day. Sam the Pug is here for a visit. 
He's snoozing right bedside me but if I say let's go outside he moves pretty 
quickly to the door. We have a routine and the walk comes first. Then after  
we have breakfast, it's back outside. I'm mulching the beds. Had 5 yards of 
mulch delivered last week, in the rain…a nice steady rain with no wind. I 
could smell the earthiness as it fell from the truck on my driveway. Saw the 
steam rising from the dark pile. I could have started my task right then. 
But I held off, it wasn't in the lineup. The yard needed trimming first. As I 
continued to watch the mulch fall, I started remembering…thinking how 
many years I've been doing this and the pleasure it gives me. 
Simple task actually, take the pitchfork, not a shovel, much easier…really. Then  
fill the wheelbarrow, and first to the trees, around the shrubs, under the long 
stand of arborvitae. Then around the decorated beds, carefully by hand, placing 
the mulch around each flower, each garden ornament. I'll end up doing the 
cottage garden last. The same process year after year. So after the weeding,
after turning over the old mulch, after deciding how much new mulch to
buy, it will begin. What joy--a simple pleasure. Sam's pleasure, lying on
the grass, sun shinning….not a care in the world!!
Other May notes…wanted to share my first harvest, Cherry Belle radishes.
Growing to harvest 26 days. Small round very tasty. Going to sow another
2 rows before it get too warm. This is a cool weather crop. My midget
carrots have a way to go and the tomatoes, they're growing. I did have to
cover my tomato plants for 3 nights due to the cold temperatures. Hopefully
we're done with that.  Annuals can easily be planted now. So many to choose
from. A favorite Marguerite Daisies…easy to grow, just deadhead and 
they will bloom all summer. They tolerate a lot of sun as well. Marigolds,
Impatients, Mexican Heather also were planted. I sowed Zinnia seeds too.
Love these flowers for cutting. So, no matter what your garden desire is,
it's time to plant, plant, plant. Next up fairy gardens. Pictures to come.
               Enjoy your simple pleasures.


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