Friday, March 28, 2014

Thyme To Go March

March winds blow
Winter is gone
Let's get ready
Spring rains come
Washing all anew

Earth's awakening….   

Monday, March 24, 2014

Look For Spring

Out on walk recently with Sam, the Pug.
Noticing new growth, some early spring
flowers beginning to show, and tiny buds
on the trees. We'll be seeing many changes
daily as the days lengthen and sunlight
grows stronger. This has a direct effect on
on our plants and flowers. I love to watch
for my hostas to burst forth and the tiny
heads to appear. I'll keep you posted. You
can begin with your cleanup around the yard.
Leaves and sticks make for messy beds. As

you survey your yard, take note of where to start your chores. As long
    as the soil isn't to wet, it's not to early to begin getting your garden
    (plants and flowers) ready to grow. Plus we'll be seeing weed control
    and grass fertilizing begin as well. I'm so anxious for lilac blooms
    and magnolia blossoms! Next up, screens washed, windows cleaned.


 Want to share this picture of a goose watching over its nest. She didn't
  want me to get to close and began to hissing at me as I was taking the



Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day Of Spring

Hello SPRING…welcome March 20th, today is your day. It's time.
We want sun, we want warmth! There's a lot to be done outside 
and we are so ready! OKAY?….Okay.

Do you have a pot of Hyacinths in your house? What a wonderful
fragrance.  Every time I come into the kitchen I catch a whiff of 
those beautiful blooms.  Deep blue and rich pinks are the colors
of my flowers and I intend to plant the bulbs this fall. After 
flowering, I will cut back the flower stalks and let the leaves die
naturally. They will stay in the pot but outside for about six 
weeks adding water to the soil periodically. Then I'll remove the
bulbs and store them in a dry, dark place till fall. 

I hope you're watching for all the new growth out in your
yard. Pretty soon we'll be seeing crocus, daffodils, then 
the tulips. Can't wait to see all the early blooming on my
walks in the neighborhood.
aaahhh…..yes Spring!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Chores

Ron took Sam, the Pug,
back to son Ben. They
were both so excited
to see each other. Sam
was also happy to see
his friend Wyatt. They
are such good buddies.
Moving on, Sat. was
such a beautiful day we
decided to do some
chores. Ron continued
on his projects, then

filled the bird feeders. I pruned the rose bushes and added compost to my
small vegetable garden. Turned the soil over and cleaned it up a little bit.
Fertilized my indoor house plants, they will go to the porch as soon as the
weather warms up. Added some spring to the inside of the house by putting
out artificial flowers. They certainly brighten up everything. Noticing the
phlox, which surround the mailbox, is showing some new green growth.
Pretty soon, there will be beautiful tiny blue flowers all around this area.
This is what it looks like. Amazing!                                    

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking Thyme For A Visit And Talking Soil

Sam the Pug is here for a visit and we have
enjoyed the past few days walking and
exploring the backyard, feeling the sun on
our faces. This morning however, was a
different story. At the lull in the rain, I
attempted to take Sam for a short walk.
Oh boy, that wasn't going to happen.
The wind was really blowing and he
didn't move, uh going nowhere. I carried
him to the corner and put him down, well
he immediately headed for home. Pretty
fast clip to.

Even as I watch the heavy snow flurries
blowing from the North, it doesn't seem
to be sticking to the ground. Whatever
snow we get will quickly melt away. It
is that time of year. March did come in
like a lion, but as husband Ron says,
March 20th brings the first day of Spring
and that means the days will be getting
longer. (golf season) HALLELUIAH!!

My garden area looks drab right now,
but I can see possibilities. What you
can do now is prepare the soil for
your garden and flowers. As soon as
the ground thaws, you can start to
work in the soil. Temperatures in the
40s and 50s will help. If you have an
existing bed it can be fairly simple.
Consider it a good exercise day. Turn
the soil over, removing any weeds,
rocks, roots, or large clods of dirt. In
our area the soil being clay, it would
be beneficial to add some organic
matter. Compost, livestock manure,
or shredded fall leaves will help.  
Having a raised bed always makes
gardening a little easier. Working your
yard garden takes some effort, maybe some roto-tilling with the clean up
but to gardeners it's well worth it. A fresh cleaned palette to work with.

This is my garden last year with tomato plants,
some marigolds, and tiny sprouts of zinnias.
Whatever your garden plan is, it won't be long
now. I know you can "feel" it. That sheer joy
of being outside, hands in the dirt…contentment!

                                                              Diana & Sam ^

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thyme To Talk Seeds

I so enjoy looking at seed
packets. Bright, colorful,
laying out your packets
is a good starting point
to begin thinking about
your garden plan.
Why plant seeds? It's
an inexpensive way to
have lots of plants along
with variety. Also you
may not be able to find
a particular variety at
your local garden shop.

Some vegetables like carrots, beets, turnips, (root vegetables),  don't
like to be transplanted. They are cold-hardy, meaning you can start
them earlier, the soil doesn't have to be warm. Now another reason
and maybe the main one for gardeners is….it's fun, educational, relaxing.

You can grow seeds indoors or outdoors. If you're starting some seed
indoors, it will be important to follow the seed packet instructions. You
won't get all the information needed so use other resources available.
Your local garden center, or a fellow gardener can also be helpful
assisting you with information about cool-season, warm season
vegetables or flowers that can be started indoors. Plus you'll need to
know soil mix, lighting, containers to use and then finally when to
transplant outside. If direct-sowing outside, know that there is a right
time to do this. Following the USDA Zone Planting Chart, our zone
here in our area is 5b. About May 15 is considered to be the safe time.
But always know what the current temperatures conditions have
been. The danger of continued frost has to be considered.
I hope you realize anyone can be a gardener. It just takes interest
and desire. A few plants, a couple of containers, or a large garden,
you will be rewarded with wonderful bounty. When you pick
that first tomato or cut that flower…it will make you feel so good...
why you'll have a big smile on your face!!
Next we'll talk about soil prep outside.


* All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today!!
                                                           Indian Proverb



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are You Feeling It Yet???

Ok, I hope you all have your garden books, seed packets out and dreaming of 
those showstopping flowers and fantastic vegetables. Or maybe just putting 
out a couple of hopefully producing tomato plants, and store bought Impatients. 
Whatever friends, it's THYME!! Think garden plans, think seeds, think mulch, think...
you got it???  Stay tuned--seed talk coming soon.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Enjoy The View

We woke to more  snowfall this weekend and although beautiful to look at,
it still made us all wish this will be the final snow before Spring thaw. It
will happen folks, all in good thyme. Want to share couple photos of a creek in my neighborhood and a view out
the window. So pretty. When the heat of the summer
is upon us, I want to remind myself of the very cold but
great Mother Nature sights.

Happiness is winter thyme snow.
So sit back and enjoy….
there's no place to go.
Let that wind gust and blow,
and be content in your home fire's glow!



Saturday, March 1, 2014

Project Thyme

It's beginning here at our house.
I always look forward to the start of
a garden thyme project. A lot is 
happening in the basement...
paint colors are flying. The three 
pictures  shown will be repaired
as needed, then fresh paint will
be applied. They will go outside
to the garden area. When Ron
has completed, I will show the
newly painted garden items.
Keep watch friends!!!