Monday, March 24, 2014

Look For Spring

Out on walk recently with Sam, the Pug.
Noticing new growth, some early spring
flowers beginning to show, and tiny buds
on the trees. We'll be seeing many changes
daily as the days lengthen and sunlight
grows stronger. This has a direct effect on
on our plants and flowers. I love to watch
for my hostas to burst forth and the tiny
heads to appear. I'll keep you posted. You
can begin with your cleanup around the yard.
Leaves and sticks make for messy beds. As

you survey your yard, take note of where to start your chores. As long
    as the soil isn't to wet, it's not to early to begin getting your garden
    (plants and flowers) ready to grow. Plus we'll be seeing weed control
    and grass fertilizing begin as well. I'm so anxious for lilac blooms
    and magnolia blossoms! Next up, screens washed, windows cleaned.


 Want to share this picture of a goose watching over its nest. She didn't
  want me to get to close and began to hissing at me as I was taking the



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