Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking Thyme For A Visit And Talking Soil

Sam the Pug is here for a visit and we have
enjoyed the past few days walking and
exploring the backyard, feeling the sun on
our faces. This morning however, was a
different story. At the lull in the rain, I
attempted to take Sam for a short walk.
Oh boy, that wasn't going to happen.
The wind was really blowing and he
didn't move, uh going nowhere. I carried
him to the corner and put him down, well
he immediately headed for home. Pretty
fast clip to.

Even as I watch the heavy snow flurries
blowing from the North, it doesn't seem
to be sticking to the ground. Whatever
snow we get will quickly melt away. It
is that time of year. March did come in
like a lion, but as husband Ron says,
March 20th brings the first day of Spring
and that means the days will be getting
longer. (golf season) HALLELUIAH!!

My garden area looks drab right now,
but I can see possibilities. What you
can do now is prepare the soil for
your garden and flowers. As soon as
the ground thaws, you can start to
work in the soil. Temperatures in the
40s and 50s will help. If you have an
existing bed it can be fairly simple.
Consider it a good exercise day. Turn
the soil over, removing any weeds,
rocks, roots, or large clods of dirt. In
our area the soil being clay, it would
be beneficial to add some organic
matter. Compost, livestock manure,
or shredded fall leaves will help.  
Having a raised bed always makes
gardening a little easier. Working your
yard garden takes some effort, maybe some roto-tilling with the clean up
but to gardeners it's well worth it. A fresh cleaned palette to work with.

This is my garden last year with tomato plants,
some marigolds, and tiny sprouts of zinnias.
Whatever your garden plan is, it won't be long
now. I know you can "feel" it. That sheer joy
of being outside, hands in the dirt…contentment!

                                                              Diana & Sam ^

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  1. Great picture of you n Sam! And great gardening tips!