Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First Day Of Spring

Hello SPRING…welcome March 20th, today is your day. It's time.
We want sun, we want warmth! There's a lot to be done outside 
and we are so ready! OKAY?….Okay.

Do you have a pot of Hyacinths in your house? What a wonderful
fragrance.  Every time I come into the kitchen I catch a whiff of 
those beautiful blooms.  Deep blue and rich pinks are the colors
of my flowers and I intend to plant the bulbs this fall. After 
flowering, I will cut back the flower stalks and let the leaves die
naturally. They will stay in the pot but outside for about six 
weeks adding water to the soil periodically. Then I'll remove the
bulbs and store them in a dry, dark place till fall. 

I hope you're watching for all the new growth out in your
yard. Pretty soon we'll be seeing crocus, daffodils, then 
the tulips. Can't wait to see all the early blooming on my
walks in the neighborhood.
aaahhh…..yes Spring!

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