Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Revisiting Charleston Falls

I wanted to share this video with you that Ron and I shot
on our recent field trip to Charleston Falls. Working on
uploading the video with Heather (blog mentor) so bear
with me. Might show on computer but not phone or I Pad.
May be here today, gone tomorrow! Love the water sounds.
Enjoy…. PS..View the next POST, it's a new one too!

Garden Reflection

Diana in Mama Agata's garden in Italy

As I pour over my garden pictures, my mind wonders, I 
remember, and reflect about my feelings for gardening.

Here's just a few.

* My winter's dreams include summer blooms
* My go to therapy is gardening
I do my best thinking while gardening
When I lose myself in the garden, I also find myself
* Life is good when you can garden
* Plant your own garden and feed your soul
* Let peace in the garden be with you always
* My garden is my happy place
* When you garden, there is a connection to others

I hope this encourages you to always plant, grow, and love
your thyme in your garden!

*are you thinking Valentine's Day?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Field Trip… Plus A Book Review

Ron at Charleston Falls

Remember a while back I promised you a return trip to 
Charleston Falls. The last time we were there it was so crowded 
with hikers we decided not to venture out. So on a recent Sunday, 
the sun was out, temp. low 40's, snow still on the ground, we set 
out. A beautiful day. This Preserve located in
Miami County, outside Tipp City, covers 216
acres of prairie and forests. There is a 1.8 mile
loop that will take you to the falls for fantastic
views. The bridge with wide wooden stairs and observation decks allow you a close up of the 37  foot frozen waterfall, from above and below.
Amazing isn't it? 

There is a pond/wetland area, cliffs, a cave, an observation tower 
and benches placed just to sit and commune with nature. The
Park includes easy parking, restrooms, picnic tables, and 
drinking water. The Miami County Park District offers programs 
as well for adults and children throughout the year.
Information posted

We had an enjoyable couple of hours and promise to return and take lots of pictures to share.

Now thyme for a book review;
The Art of Arranging Flowers is a touching
easy moving story, that had me after the first
couple of chapters. I was captivated by this
feel good book. I think it would make a 
wonderful movie. The main character
Ruby, flower shop owner, has instincts
about the people who visit her establishment.
Add to that her knowledge and care of 
flowers, this becomes her epiphany. 
Suffering from the loss of her sister her own
depression is staggering. But her talent for knowing what flower is needed for each person, with descriptive detail, adds to this beautiful story. With
 Clementine the dog, and Nora her shop assistant, who has "psychic understanding" of all, adds to the story and its characters. There's a message here and you will delight in "getting it." This book gives hope through simple messages of love, flowers and friendship. Garden Thyme friends, this is our book! Oh, the magic and joy of flowers! 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Scattering Of Thoughts….Plus A Healthy Recipe

The morning sun against a blue, cloudless sky was my companion
this morning. It felt good. An occasional cold breeze slapped at 
my face but I was content. 24 degrees and rising…I'll take that 
forecast.  I took several pictures here and there, enjoying the 
solitude. The fresh air worked wonders. The sudden cawing of the
black bird overhead and the rabbit and squirrels jumping about
served my need to be out communing with nature. What a "good
thing."   PS…look at the blue dot upper right side of the picture
above. After editing and enlarging, my mind is reeling. A star, a 
planet?? A lot of visible happenings going on in the sky this month 
and next. What that is, not quite sure, but how exciting to see.

Thoughts Come Clearly While One Walks  ~Thomas Mann

Blog housekeeping: Note some changes please. Cabbage Patch
Photos are under one heading with all the pictures contained in 
the slideshow, starting with 2012 through this year. Tap on the 
photo then the arrows to see them all at once. Top right note the  
picture under Roots. This past summer I was sharing thyme with  
the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas. Wonderful giant flowers that 
bloom all summer. The colors move from green to creamy white 
to a blushing pinkish shade of strawberry. They remind me of ice
cream cones. Wasn't I just the true"garden lady" with the hat 
and of course my Garden Thyme apron? Italy Thyme, with 
pictures, remains but below Earthly Delights.  I'll be adding to
Mulching (favorite blogs) and Planting Seeds (garden sites),
so check those out. The blog sites have wonderful recipes, etc.
Just tap on the name and you'll be at the site. The Garden Patch
(book list) will continue and I will be adding some titles shortly.
I love, love to read. Winter is my prime reading thyme, I'm
up at 6-6:30am just to read. Husband Ron brings me coffee
before he gets ready for work…oh so divine!

So now it's thyme for a Strawberry Banana Smoothie.
Delish! See the recipe on EARTHLY DELIGHTS.

*Next up: a book review and a field trip

Thursday, January 8, 2015

January Making A Statement…& A Lite Cake Recipe

We know we're in trouble when they start naming the cold 
weather. With minus this and minus that, talk of wind chills, 
and cold "shots,"how do they expect us to stay warm, let 
alone understand what's going on. We'll deal with it, right 
folks…shivering aside, bundle up, face masks on, double up 
on socks, big coats one and all. Let's move into January with 
heads up.  -6 degrees let it come.

What's the opposite of a cold front?
A warm back…..

Moving on:

Recipe Thyme:
A quick, easy, very light cake    

Thursday, January 1, 2015

We Are Just Where We Belong

Yep we just had to. A family selfie. A little blurred but there we
were, happy. We've made it through another year, together, 
healthy, appreciative of all we have.  So 2014 it's time to go….
bye bye now!  

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
-Victor Hugo

Winter solstice has come, December 21st, 6:03 pm. From here on
our days will be getting longer.
We decide to take a walk along the bike path. Sun was shining
but very cold……...WELCOME 2015.

We send your way: 
Peace of Mind, A Hopeful Spirit, Healthy Tomorrows,
And Blessings for a Fantastic NEW YEAR……….


Look for some changes
coming to the site, not
major, but it will make me
feel better.