Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A View From My Yard

April is coming to a close and from the activity I've been
seeing at the nurseries and garden centers, everyone will
transition easily right into May. This month, being National 
Gardening Month, has provided us with Earth Day, 
National Picnic Day, and this Friday is Arbor Day. Trees are 
vital and important so if you can….plant a tree.

I had no problem hurrying over to a garden center to load up
on the big geraniums that are offered mid April. You have to get 
them early if you're looking for a favorite color. And yes, often
it's babysitting those blooms until they can be planted safely.
So in and out of the garage for a couple of weeks. Friend Cindy
and I have been doing this for so many years it's like a clock
goes off internally at this thyme of year. But we think it's worth
it. I've decided they are in the ground this week. Keep you posted.

Clean-up has finished; birdhouses, yard art are out. The garden 
ladies are waiting to be dressed, wind chimes are chiming away 
in the breeze and the potting tables are ready to go. Found my 
ferns for the front porch and they are hanging. Folks, I'm 
checking off my list. Ron and I have taken advantage of the 
wonderfully warm weekend days and gotten stuff done. And 
yes, Ron found thyme to go golfing and play basketball as well. 
I want you to take note of the great edged beds...my dear 
husband sees to this and it just makes the yard look special. 
Many have asked how his lines are so nice and neat. First the bed

needs to be trenched out then he uses his trimmer to keep it neat 
every couple of weeks. Here's video we did to show you how.

Tap on the arrow in the center of the picture above, to view. 
After video done you will see a different video come up, just
hit the refresh (arrow shaped like a circle)located at the top
and it will go back to this video.  You can view this on your
computer, Ipad, and phone. Hope this helps.

So the next activity on my list is the mulching. Saturday has mulch
written all over it. I promise to share the after pictures. 

Do you remember about 8 weeks ago I undertook to bring an
Amaryllis bulb to bloom. It bloomed and it's beautiful. I thought it
would be red, but I love the white.

It's Spring, take a moment and enjoy the view.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day, April 22, 2016

Celebrated annually, Earth Day seeks people across the
globe to become more environmentally aware. 

Make a difference in your community by:

  Planting trees 
  Volunteer for highway, parks and river cleanup
  Establish community gardens for shelter use
  Be proactive in schools, senior citizen centers: establish
    relays, contests, events to encourage people to enter
    and raise money for environmental charities

Remember the 3 R's
REDUCE,  REUSE,  RECYCLE… all help to cut down
on the amount of waste we throw away and helps conserve
natural resources and energy

There is hope if people will begin to awaken
that spiritual part of themselves, that heart-
felt knowledge that we are caretakers of 
this planet.
               -Brooke Medicine Eagle

I took my walk this morning under a fine drizzle. I
enjoyed it. There was no discernible wind and I was
comfortable in my flannel vest. A lot of robins and
redbirds flying about and I enjoyed their birdsongs
of tweets and twitters.

I'm appreciative of a day like today, even if it's raining. 
It's nature's way of giving her earth a drink. The last
several days have been beautiful and well springlike.
Nature is wondrous, and life-giving. Our Earth has
been around a long time. It's a shared responsibility
to take care of it. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Sharing the Joy

Sweet Sam (the Pug) just loves his walk. Doesn't mind the early 
morning chill. He's standing by the door knowing a walk is going
to happen when I pick up the leash. Off we go, it's part of our
ritual when he visits. Morning walk, breakfast, backyard to toss
the ball, then a nap. If it's warm enough, I'll put a rug out. He
might be on it for a bit, then he'll move to the warm concrete
or maybe the pebbles in the herb garden. He loves it.

Sam has a sense of adventure

And likes to explore

How about follow-the-leader with Mama and her chicks

Did I say he was a helper in the garden

Nothing like a good book

And yes most of all Sam's a friend

"Petting, scratching, and cuddling a dog
could be as soothing to the mind and
heart as deep meditation, and almost
as good for the soul as prayer."
                                                            -Dean Koontz

You bring me joy. You're the best dog in the whole
wide world. Love you Sammer.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers and More

Mother Nature had a plan and it involved April. Yep.
Let's see.. a polar vortex  from way up north, snow
showers, heavy wind gusts, low pressure with cold
temperatures, and "clipper systems." What? 
Do you really want to hear more? Freeze watch alert!
Cover your tender buds on those spring blooming

If you're doing any planting cold frames are needed; south
facing, a lot of sunlight, good drainage, and protection from 
the wind are essential. Here's more:

Word of the day: COLD FRAME
Noun. Meaning: A simple box-like structure, made from
treated wood and topped with a salvaged window. It's built   
low to the ground and used to start seeds and protect 
seedlings and plants from extremes of temperature, 
particularly the cold and wet. It utilizes solar energy and 
insulation to achieve this. It will need ventilation as well. It
resembles a mini-greenhouse. Google to get specific 
instructions on how to construct one.

Oh yes, Sam visited for a few days and Mama and her 
chicks were thrilled. While the sun was out, a lot was
accomplished. Let's see what they were up to.

Happiness is a sweet Pug like Sam and friends like Mama
and her chicks.

While they played I did windows and put the screens in. Yep
that's me, bundled up on a ladder, hanging out a two-story
window. Husband Ron couldn't resist a picture!! LOL!

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