Thursday, April 21, 2016

Earth Day, April 22, 2016

Celebrated annually, Earth Day seeks people across the
globe to become more environmentally aware. 

Make a difference in your community by:

  Planting trees 
  Volunteer for highway, parks and river cleanup
  Establish community gardens for shelter use
  Be proactive in schools, senior citizen centers: establish
    relays, contests, events to encourage people to enter
    and raise money for environmental charities

Remember the 3 R's
REDUCE,  REUSE,  RECYCLE… all help to cut down
on the amount of waste we throw away and helps conserve
natural resources and energy

There is hope if people will begin to awaken
that spiritual part of themselves, that heart-
felt knowledge that we are caretakers of 
this planet.
               -Brooke Medicine Eagle

I took my walk this morning under a fine drizzle. I
enjoyed it. There was no discernible wind and I was
comfortable in my flannel vest. A lot of robins and
redbirds flying about and I enjoyed their birdsongs
of tweets and twitters.

I'm appreciative of a day like today, even if it's raining. 
It's nature's way of giving her earth a drink. The last
several days have been beautiful and well springlike.
Nature is wondrous, and life-giving. Our Earth has
been around a long time. It's a shared responsibility
to take care of it. 

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