Thursday, April 7, 2016

April Showers and More

Mother Nature had a plan and it involved April. Yep.
Let's see.. a polar vortex  from way up north, snow
showers, heavy wind gusts, low pressure with cold
temperatures, and "clipper systems." What? 
Do you really want to hear more? Freeze watch alert!
Cover your tender buds on those spring blooming

If you're doing any planting cold frames are needed; south
facing, a lot of sunlight, good drainage, and protection from 
the wind are essential. Here's more:

Word of the day: COLD FRAME
Noun. Meaning: A simple box-like structure, made from
treated wood and topped with a salvaged window. It's built   
low to the ground and used to start seeds and protect 
seedlings and plants from extremes of temperature, 
particularly the cold and wet. It utilizes solar energy and 
insulation to achieve this. It will need ventilation as well. It
resembles a mini-greenhouse. Google to get specific 
instructions on how to construct one.

Oh yes, Sam visited for a few days and Mama and her 
chicks were thrilled. While the sun was out, a lot was
accomplished. Let's see what they were up to.

Happiness is a sweet Pug like Sam and friends like Mama
and her chicks.

While they played I did windows and put the screens in. Yep
that's me, bundled up on a ladder, hanging out a two-story
window. Husband Ron couldn't resist a picture!! LOL!

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Thanks for stopping by, Diana


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