Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Busy Thyme In My Garden..Recipes & Pics

Welcome Lady Blue. My first garden girl to show up ready to
tackle all things garden. With her seed packets, shovel, watering
can, and hat she's ready to work. She even has her first flower 
basket ready to hang. You go girl! Love the purse and blue boots.

The lilacs and peonies have been beautiful this season. Hope 
you've cut yourself some wonderful bouquets.

I believe there are visitors to my garden. Mama Hen and her baby
chicks are exploring. More to come!! 

Work continues on the Potting Shed. Ron working hard on the 
redo. He deserved a well-earned meal, and dinner in the screened 
porch with glasses of wine helped. We had a bottle of Vidal Blanc, 
a Kentucky white wine, that was very good. 

An easy meal..
See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for recipes

Fairy gardens are fun. Here's a favorite I just finished. Tea 
thyme with the fairies. There are golden thyme herbs growing 
up the arbor, a miniature Sam, a bunny, and a sweet bird bath 
for everyone to enjoy.

Next Up: Strawberry Festival here in Troy

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Are You Planting Yet? A Field Trip.

Had some great weather recently. I think everyone felt the urge, 
the call, the beckoning to be outside and tend to the yard/garden.
Ron even played some golf, YEA! Mulch was ordered and
I was glad to tackle it while Ron started the potting shed
redo. A dusty, dirty job.

We've been thinking a creature had 

invaded the potting shed and yep Ron 
found a baby squirrel in the loft area.
And yes, we released it into the nature 
area alongside our neighborhood. But 
what a mess that squirrel created. Didn't
help Ron's frame of mind either. Noticed already pests 
eating at my climbing rose. Will get out the Neem oil,
(remember try out on a test leaf and watch 24 hours to make sure it won't harm your plant). (See garden tip below). Harvesting radishes right now and I'm so glad I sowed an additional crop a week after the first.They are delicious with a sprinkle of salt. 


Now about that field trip. On the last Friday of April, I make sure
to save the entire morning for a trip with my friend, Marian to 
Hydro-Growers. For many years I have been visiting this special
farm/nursery, locally owned and operated. The big beautiful 
flowers baskets are amazing. And that's not all.


Deanita, her family and friends make you feel welcome and offer 
growing tips as well as offering services to fill your own container 
and designing arrangements for that special occasion. If you like 
garden decor, and we all know I do, this is the spot to find it. 
Fresh homegrown produce, herbs and vegetable plants are 
provided as well. A special treat is the home-made ice cream. 
Delicious. Tap on the link above to find directions and phone no.
Now if they would just offer some baked goods…oh my!

friend Marian making selection

Can't leave you yet without a salute and mention of Memorial Day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May Brings A Recipe, Garden Tips, & Chores

Hello garden friends. May has brought the sun, some heat and
of course rain. But I'm not complaining. I'm enjoying it all. The
thyme to do planting has started. The to-do list for outdoors is
growing as well. Don't panic now, the season is only beginning!
Let's take a look:
*Deadhead the spring blooms from bulbs, but leave the foliage 
  until it turns yellow.
*Divide your perennials as needed.
*Plant perennials now, can plant geraniums, summer bulbs.
*Sow summer annuals, (seeds) like zinnias, sunflowers, etc.
*Plant your herbs, in the ground or containers.
*Cool season crops will do well April and May, like radish and
  lettuce, hold off planting warm season crops until the danger
  of frost has past. (May 15-19) like tomatoes.
*Continue mowing, fertilize and weed controls need to happen.
*Prune flowering shrubs after their blooming has ended.
*Plant new shrubs like peony, hydrangea, rose. Apply a trans-
  plant fertilizer.
*Container flowers will need to be watched for cool evening
  temps of 50 and below. Take into the garage for overnight.
*Mulch towards end of May, but remove sticks, weeds and turn
  old mulch over.
*Add repellants (organics if possible) to deter the critters.

 *Apply pesticide sprays around perimeter of house to control
  ants, etc.

Herb pots done, container planting continues.

Something fun..


   Garden Tips:
Here are 3 products I recommend.

  NEEM OIL- (for organic gardening too)
  controls blackspot, powdery mildew, rust, spider mites,
  aphids and other insect pests. Use on roses, flowers, shrubs,
  vegetables, fruits.
  REPELS-ALL- animal repellent (natual ingredients) spray
  on plants, flowers, around garden and flower beds.
  SUCKER-STOPPER- controls regrowth of tree sprouts,
  sucker growth.
See instructions for use

How about that recipe?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Your Day Mom

When you are a mother,
you are never really alone
in your thoughts.
A mother always has to
think twice, once for herself
and once for her child
                        Sophia Loren

Mother's Day, a day to express, to reveal, to set forth, to clearly
indicate your feelings, your love, your gratitude to YOUR MOM! 
She deserves it. Having pushed you out into this world with a 
love that is undefinable, is the thyme to thank her. 
Show your appreciation!
To my mom, I love you.
All love begins and ends there.
                        Robert Browning