Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving Blessings

Forever on Thanksgiving Day the
heart will find the pathway home.
                 -WilburD. Nesbit

Nothing is more
honorable than 
grateful heart.     


As we express our gratitude, we 
must never forget that the highest
appreciation is not to utter words,
but to live by them.
                 -John F. Kennedy

Gratitude helps us to see what 
is there instead of what isn't.
      -Annette Bridges


Have a wonderful, blessed
Remember there is always
a reason to be thankful…
   Diana M.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

YIKES!..Nine Days Until Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

Ok we'll address the weather later. We're thinking about it but
let's move on right now. To the good stuff, although you might
look at the coming holiday in a negative way, let's be positive, 
grateful, and thankful  for what we have. COME ON, I know
you know that you do…ok..ok. So let's take a look at reducing 
your stress a bit. Here's what I do to try to and make it a little 
easier. Make a plan a week or two ahead. And, I want you to 
write it out. Titles can include: decorating, cleaning, menu,
grocery list, and whatever else you want to include on this list. I
do my list on a notepad, you might use the computer or phone.
Your decorating may be already done, not even started, or nada.
Your choice, it's ok whatever you decide. But let me just say,
a pumpkin, fall tablecloth, a few purchased flowers, fruits and 
nuts can do wonders and be all you need. Cleaning will be 
confined to where you need it the most, where the people will be. 
Pick up is major for those areas. Do it ahead. Menu is major too.
With the menu goes timing. When you eat dictates everything, 
from when you put the turkey in the oven, to calling the guests 
to the table. Think it through. If you can make it in advance, do 
it. I'm not cooking a whole turkey, just 2 large turkey breasts and 
I'm cooking it ahead, slicing it, then reheating the next day. Your
grocery list will come from your menu. This will also include 
snacks and drinks too. Think ice, mixers, precut, premade, and
pre baked. Stick to basics, don't try out new recipes. If you have


others bringing food, add that to the list. Most important think
about you..take a breath, a break, squeeze it in! Yes, find the 
small pleasure and grab it. 
It's yours. AHHH!

We just have to talk about it, but you see I have this obsession 
with weather. So picture-sharing thyme.
3wks. ago

Sun. Sam helping w/Xmas
Mon. good thing decorating
outside done
Stay warm folks. For me I'm purchasing a new electric blanket. 

Next up: THANKSGIVING                                                                     

Friday, November 14, 2014

Brr…Its Cold, And Other Thoughts

I decided to test the theory about walking for 30 minutes; to lift  
the spirits, to exercise the body, to trigger the brain cells, thereby 
making myself more productive. I needed a happiness surge.  We
were hit a few days ago with an arctic blast, a big chill, a drastic
drop in temperature and none of us are happy right now. There
we were frolicking at 58 degrees, raking our leaves happily, when

yep, November reality kicked in. Geeze!! Suddenly the pressures 
of the daily grind hit hard. All because I was caught unexpectedly
by this cold front. I needed a change in attitude….

                                 Being happy doesn't mean that everything is
                                 perfect. It means that you've decided to look
                                 beyond the imperfections.  (unknown)

So outside I went, big coat, gloves, scarf, adjusting my mental
attitude as I walked. Not so bad. The sun was out, the geese flew
above honking, and I caught the scent of smoke.. I bet someone
had their fireplace going.. umm wonderful thought. It all began
to feel a little better. Endorphins kicking in, stresses ebbing……
And, it all seemed a little easier to take. Yes one foot in front of the
other, one thing at a thyme. So time to head back, there's coffee
and a muffin waiting. I have some things to do today and I feel OK.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No, It Can't Be November

October ended on a wonderful note. Couldn't resist a final picture of this tree.
Beautiful isn't it? As November entered bringing us a taste of the cold and
frost, it also teased us a little with warmth and sunshine. A last hurrah, a gift,
a token to guide us into nature's next season. So we must continue our clean-
up of fall's leaves, tidy our planting beds, plant those flowering bulbs before
the ground freezes, and finish your final pruning and cutting back. Now is a
good time for yard aeration. Remember the tools, hoses, plant pots and
containers and ready them for a put away. Are you thinking snow plow and
generator. It's on Ron's mind and his list of things to do this month. Also on
tap for us…Xmas decorating outside. Lights on the roof happen while its dry
and not to windy. We like to be ready by Thanksgiving Day. Stay tuned!

Be careful!
Sam keeping watch


We decided to take a break after roof activity and take Sam for a walk
through our nature preserve which happens to sit right alongside our
neighborhood. It was so peaceful. 

And what's a Fall without a football game with the family. UC BEARCATS
of course. Ron and Ben's alma mater.