Wednesday, November 5, 2014

No, It Can't Be November

October ended on a wonderful note. Couldn't resist a final picture of this tree.
Beautiful isn't it? As November entered bringing us a taste of the cold and
frost, it also teased us a little with warmth and sunshine. A last hurrah, a gift,
a token to guide us into nature's next season. So we must continue our clean-
up of fall's leaves, tidy our planting beds, plant those flowering bulbs before
the ground freezes, and finish your final pruning and cutting back. Now is a
good time for yard aeration. Remember the tools, hoses, plant pots and
containers and ready them for a put away. Are you thinking snow plow and
generator. It's on Ron's mind and his list of things to do this month. Also on
tap for us…Xmas decorating outside. Lights on the roof happen while its dry
and not to windy. We like to be ready by Thanksgiving Day. Stay tuned!

Be careful!
Sam keeping watch


We decided to take a break after roof activity and take Sam for a walk
through our nature preserve which happens to sit right alongside our
neighborhood. It was so peaceful. 

And what's a Fall without a football game with the family. UC BEARCATS
of course. Ron and Ben's alma mater.                                                           


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