Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ocean View & More

I thought you deserved a little respite from the snow and cold
temperatures. Take some Zen thyme and enjoy the view. This
is from our favorite vacation spot, Wrightsville Beach, NC.
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videos, just click on the refresh button (arrow shaped like a circle)
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I heard a winter tree in song,
Its leaves were birds, one hundred strong;
And all at once it ceased to sing,
For all its leaves had taken wings.
                                  -Mervyn Peake

My shadow picture above shows me all bundled up while
taking my morning walk. I heard the birds before I saw them.
They were in the trees just making a mighty racket. I wanted
to take a picture….ok by the time I had removed 2 pairs of 
gloves, unzipped my coat, undid my scarf and unzipped my 
sweater, well guess what off they flew. But a beautiful picture
if I could have taken it…lol!

Let's do something new. We'll take a look at certain words and
how they might affect some meaning in our lives. I'll share a 
picture or two to help look at the definition, give us a different 
perspective… a new view. Words and pictures can really impact
our thought process.

Here's what I know about this picture.My good fortune was to
discover and understand what I really like to do. What makes me
happy. What gives me a purpose right now. I remember this day,
I felt so content. It was a beautiful day, and I felt joy. 

We are at the end folks.  Two more things: Valentines Day is 
fast approaching. Don't forget your loved ones. Make some
Jello Heart Cookies.  See 
for that recipe plus a new one.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A View of Winter

     Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as
     warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about
     the heat.
               -author unknown

Remember our bird friends. Keep those feeders filled and provide
water if you can.  I got this picture with my camera. Looks peaceful
just sitting there.

Oh boy Mama and her chicks are having fun! Pssst, Sam the Pug
will be here for a visit in 2 weeks.

I thought you needed some sunshine. Here's my Dwarf 
Calamondin Citrus Orange tree. I harvested the tiny oranges 
yesterday. Aren't they just beautiful. I purchased my tree 
from a plant shop last year. I keep it in a south-facing window 
continuously, rotating it every couple of weeks. I stick it in the 
shower once a week and drain off the excess water. Finally 
had to add some support for the main branches as it was 
becoming heavy with fruit. The tree is self-pollinating and will 
set fruit year around. Also takes a year for the fruit to ripen, 
so visually the tree is beautiful to watch growing. I already 
have many new white blossoms. They smell heavenly. The
fruit can be used for baking and for its juice. Right now I'm 
just enjoying their beauty. They make me feel good.

I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them
so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a
white quilt; and perhaps it says "Go to sleep, darlings, till the
summer comes again."
 -Lewis Carroll, (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the
  Looking Glass)

A wonderful thought, don't you think?

Ok. Take a moment, grab a cup of coffee and visit my other
blog for a recipe.  An easy
peach clafoutis for you to try.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brr It's Cold Outside…Whatdya expect!!!

The big chill has caught up with us. It can be desolate, dreary,
and downright depressing. But, that's why there are books, 
comfort foods, old movies, new movies and bowling. What? 
Did she just write BOWLING!!!  Yeah, give it a try, it's fun, 
it's indoors, it's physical. Get the big picture. Life is seasonal 
folks…unless you can make a trip south for the next 3 months, 
then find your happy spot. There are many. ( insert big smile )

Not a lot of garden chores to be done this month. Gee no desire 
here to even visit my Potting Shed. Reading for me. The garden/
seed magazines are starting to fill my mail box. Just because our 
gardens are dormant, we don't have to be. Planning your spring 
garden can be fun. 

Now if you're really needing something to do, have you heard 
about the latest craze? Adult coloring books. Yes…really. 
Need a calm moment, a little less stress, how about some 
meditative zen-type exercise. There're free printable pages,  
see This is a great blog. Lots to read  
and do. I ordered my coloring book from Amazon. If you find 
yourself sitting/waiting somewhere, pull out your coloring 
book. Fun!

Visit for a new book review
or click on Sam's picture along the right side of the blog.

Ok another 2 recipes..yours for the taking. Wait a minute just 
staying busy here, is the place
to go. Check out helpful hints as well.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello January

Resolution: [noun], a decision or determination; a  resolve,
   firmness of purpose.

A week into 2016, 358 days to go. Let's see, where are we.
Better yet where are you?

I woke up that first morning thinking about all the "stuff" I
had to do, actually wanting to do. Clean-up, put away, tidy
and organize my house. I couldn't do anything else until
that was done…we went to the movies. It was all there when
we got home and I didn't lose it, cry, or get mad at myself.
I thought about it, what was more important to me at that
moment. The other stuff would still be there and gosh I didn't
stop breathing or anything!!

Life goes on doesn't it? Things being carried from 2015…
still there. New things happening too. Will move forward, 
yes to that. I'm not one to make firm or silly resolutions,
I just want to step into the next thing with a little better
understanding of where it's going. So…..

With a little help from above, no a lot of help from above,
I venture forward into my new year. Here's my thoughts:
 + pray more
 + be a better listener
 + encourage when I can
 + show kindness to others
 + be accepting of what is


Guess what? Recipe thyme... 2 selections today, one from my 
son Ben! Visit or tap on 

Friday, January 1, 2016

January 1, 2016

"And now let us believe in a year that is 
given to us, new, untouched, full of things
that have never been."
                                                            -Rainer Maria Rike


Keep your face always toward the sunshine
and the shadows will fall behind you.
                                              -Walt Whitman 

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