Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello January

Resolution: [noun], a decision or determination; a  resolve,
   firmness of purpose.

A week into 2016, 358 days to go. Let's see, where are we.
Better yet where are you?

I woke up that first morning thinking about all the "stuff" I
had to do, actually wanting to do. Clean-up, put away, tidy
and organize my house. I couldn't do anything else until
that was done…we went to the movies. It was all there when
we got home and I didn't lose it, cry, or get mad at myself.
I thought about it, what was more important to me at that
moment. The other stuff would still be there and gosh I didn't
stop breathing or anything!!

Life goes on doesn't it? Things being carried from 2015…
still there. New things happening too. Will move forward, 
yes to that. I'm not one to make firm or silly resolutions,
I just want to step into the next thing with a little better
understanding of where it's going. So…..

With a little help from above, no a lot of help from above,
I venture forward into my new year. Here's my thoughts:
 + pray more
 + be a better listener
 + encourage when I can
 + show kindness to others
 + be accepting of what is


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