Thursday, November 26, 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods

We said thanks and shared our Thanksgiving meal with our family
yesterday. It was a wonderful thyme. Today Ron, Sam the Pug
and I are spending our day just "hanging out." Movies, some
wine, quiet thyme and conversation will happen but first we 
mowed, gathered leaves and went for a long walk. We stopped 
at Tim Horton's for a light bite and coffee. The girl at the drive
thru says our order was paid for by the car ahead and to wish 
us a "Happy Thanksgiving." There were 3 people at the window
by now and they were very happy for us. My heart skipped a 
beat. There are good people out there in this crazy world. We
come together…share, bond, and extend the hand. Ron and I
laughed, smiled and said, "we want to pay it forward for the 
car behind us, and tell them Happy Thanksgiving." Our friend
at the window smiled brightly, glad to do this. Sam the Pug
received 2 tim-bits. 

We are at November's end. My hope is that it was a good one
for you. Nature's weather was kind to us for these past few
weeks. How about some picture sharing.

                                                  November comes
                                                  And November goes,
                                                  With the last red berries
                                                  And the first white snows.
                                                  With night coming early,
                                                  And dawn coming late,
                                                  And ice in the bucket
                                                  And frost by the gate.

                                                 The fires burn
                                                 And the kettles sing,
                                                 And the earth sinks to rest
                                                 Until next spring.
                                                                         Clyde Watson

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Savor the Thyme, New Recipes, A Thought

Oh my. Did you suddenly realize Thanksgiving is next Thursday?
Take a breath now. I bet you at least know where you're going
or who's coming to your house this year… right? I bought myself
some peppermint coffee pods and some plum flavored tea bags
today because I knew I had to take a moment and make some lists.

Let's see, table ready, menu planned, (it never really changes 
anyway), it's down to the grocery list. And then when to go to 
the grocery store. I want to avoid the masses. Friday, 7:30 am
I'll be there with coffee in hand. 

You never want to try a new recipe at the last minute. Go with
what you know. You want new, try it in July! Wait a minute
she'll be fine, promise!
This might be a good thyme to invite you to visit my other blog.. there are 2 new recipes for you.

                    Start each day with a grateful heart. It's a troubled
                    world. Be mindful of those who have lost.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bronze, Brown, Earthy, Golden & Cozy

My walk this morning was cold, crispy and the fog was hanging on.
Frost covered parts of the yard and I'm noticing more leaves on 
the ground now than in the trees.  Although November is a 
transition thyme, it still offers us autumn beauty and color.  Enjoy 
some views from nature.

Around here thoughts have also turned to outside Xmas
decorating. We put out a lot of lights and like to be ready
by Thanksgiving Day. Neighbors walking by tell Ron
they appreciate his effort.

Here's a little preview..

I'm sure everyone is thinking about the holiday and planning
for the big feast.  Food and gathering is the big draw and
family time sharing gives us much meaning. 

Remember also November 11. It is Veteran's Day. We honor 
those who have served in the United States Armed Forces.
We say thank you, we appreciate your service and sacrifice.

Friday, November 6, 2015

November, Really? Little This & That

November entered quietly. A beautiful sunny Sunday. Instead
of a bike ride, Ron and I decided on a long walk along the levy
in town. This picture was just calling me, so peaceful. The town
park is on the right and the little red building is the Barn in the
Park, a local civic theater. It was a warm gracious day and our
pleasant morning wrapped us in "feel-good" thoughts.

  "Oh the joy we just found by swinging up and down!"

Yep we couldn't resist. Ron got me started with a big push
and we were off. He got a lot higher than I did.

November also brought along the season of leaves, leaves…let
me say it again.. leaves. They're falling folks and when they fall
you've got to rake them up. I have my trusty best friend--the
blower. This ranks up there as my most favorite tool. I even put
it to use in the winter for blowing snow off the driveway and
Mama Hen and her chicks decided they wanted to
help with cleanup….

November also brings Standard Time, so we'll see it getting dark
a lot sooner. And there are still some outside chores to be done, 
so can't quite settle in yet. Complete those tasks that will help your
house and yard make it though the winter season. *Clean the
gutters and downspouts, *Finish the garden cleanup, *Store the
mower (make sure gasoline has been used up), *Inspect the 
chimney and the furnace, *Seal and weatherstrip. Enough
already…I get it.

Get out and enjoy the outside before the pendulum of 
temperature swings to the big chill. Here is a picture I took one 
early evening as the sun was setting, the red sky was 
breathtaking. My photo in no way shows how spectacular the 
view was.

And so we come to end, and to our new month beginning. It's 
thyme for gathering, sharing, readying ourselves for the next 
two months of holiday/family thyme. Here is my Sharing Jar, 
what it's all about. You may copy it,  or save the image and 
print it on heavier paper to frame if you would like.

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