Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Savor the Thyme, New Recipes, A Thought

Oh my. Did you suddenly realize Thanksgiving is next Thursday?
Take a breath now. I bet you at least know where you're going
or who's coming to your house this year… right? I bought myself
some peppermint coffee pods and some plum flavored tea bags
today because I knew I had to take a moment and make some lists.

Let's see, table ready, menu planned, (it never really changes 
anyway), it's down to the grocery list. And then when to go to 
the grocery store. I want to avoid the masses. Friday, 7:30 am
I'll be there with coffee in hand. 

You never want to try a new recipe at the last minute. Go with
what you know. You want new, try it in July! Wait a minute
she'll be fine, promise!
This might be a good thyme to invite you to visit my other blog.. there are 2 new recipes for you.

                    Start each day with a grateful heart. It's a troubled
                    world. Be mindful of those who have lost.

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