Thursday, November 26, 2015

Over the River and Through the Woods

We said thanks and shared our Thanksgiving meal with our family
yesterday. It was a wonderful thyme. Today Ron, Sam the Pug
and I are spending our day just "hanging out." Movies, some
wine, quiet thyme and conversation will happen but first we 
mowed, gathered leaves and went for a long walk. We stopped 
at Tim Horton's for a light bite and coffee. The girl at the drive
thru says our order was paid for by the car ahead and to wish 
us a "Happy Thanksgiving." There were 3 people at the window
by now and they were very happy for us. My heart skipped a 
beat. There are good people out there in this crazy world. We
come together…share, bond, and extend the hand. Ron and I
laughed, smiled and said, "we want to pay it forward for the 
car behind us, and tell them Happy Thanksgiving." Our friend
at the window smiled brightly, glad to do this. Sam the Pug
received 2 tim-bits. 

We are at November's end. My hope is that it was a good one
for you. Nature's weather was kind to us for these past few
weeks. How about some picture sharing.

                                                  November comes
                                                  And November goes,
                                                  With the last red berries
                                                  And the first white snows.
                                                  With night coming early,
                                                  And dawn coming late,
                                                  And ice in the bucket
                                                  And frost by the gate.

                                                 The fires burn
                                                 And the kettles sing,
                                                 And the earth sinks to rest
                                                 Until next spring.
                                                                         Clyde Watson

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