Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Weather Update..It's Back…Again

The Arctic blast has landed! You're cold, right? "Frigid" has become the new
buzz word. We're all under the the control of some strange atmospheric force
called, get ready, the JET STREAM. Well we're from Ohio folks and we don't
scare easy. We know snow!! So hang in there a few more days..we'll be at
20-30 degrees, maybe 40. OMG, a heat wave! We take this all in stride. No
signs of stress--grocery shelves remain stocked, restaurants remain busy,
movies remain crowded, why my neighbors are still out walking and jogging.
Yes, as long as the sun's shining and we can get out…it's winter after all and
January is just about over!!
Hint…(please don't read the Farmer's Almanac right now).

Picture sharing.. let's look back, a little summer, then some winter.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Saturday Thyme...Together

I said
Let's take a walk in the snow.
Ron's hand in mine.
It's about feeling so good right now,
Down the middle of this road.
Wind starting to blow...
Just a moment in time.
Love so perfectly told.                          
                                                                   design by Genevieve Santos

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thyme For Houseplants

Let's return to green and talk houseplants.
Simply, houseplants are those plants
grown indoors. I enjoy them during the
winter season because they make me feel
good. I'm closer to nature, to the outdoors.
So that reduces stress! Typically my plants
that are in the house now will go out to the
screened porch as soon as the weather
allows. So for now they are a good
decorating tool, pretty to look at. But did
you know plants increase our oxygen and
help purify the air in our homes? Studies
have been done showing all that dust we
accumulate in our home, well, toxins
abound folks. With dust, chemical-based
cleaners, etc. (see the web for specific info),
polluting our indoor air, houseplants
become even more important and necessary.
So please, use houseplants to filter the air
in your home.
My indoor plants are shown on the right.
Starting with the top, the first is Schefflera,
the second is Sansevieria (snake plant), the
third is Pothos, and the fourth is Norfolk                            
Island Pine. The second picture shows                                                          
a Jade plant, and the next is the herb                                                      
Rosemary. They are placed throughout
the house according to their light needs. I
keep them away from the registers (heat)
and the fireplace, and out of drafts (cold).
I check water needs about every 2 weeks.
The top four provide air purifying qualities.
You can find houseplants everywhere.
Information on how to provide care is with
the plant and of course you can Google too.
Be happy…be environmental…
get a houseplant!  

                                                       Frank Lloyd Wright

Garden Thyme Welcome

Wanted to share this welcome sign..
gift from husband Ron !!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Thoughts

                 author unknown
I'm so glad we've made it through a rough patch of some very cold temperatures.
Happy to see the sun, still cold but tolerable. Got a couple of my seed and garden
catalogs and thoughts went straight to spring planning. I know it's still early
so I will save them for a bit…maybe just a little peek. Husband Ron is always
thrilled on December 21st, because he says, that is the shortest day of the year
and the days start getting longer as the sun creeps higher in the sky. Sunrise
is earlier and sun set is later. Ok, thanks Ron. But let's remember where we were
in the summer and where we are now. Picture sharing time…..

Thymely Visit

Sam the Pug is coming for a visit.
Husband Ron went to pick him up. We
are excited because he makes us happy.
Sam's like our grandchild, and we're  glad
to help son Ben out when his schedule
gets a little hectic. There's nothing like
a sweet dog to put the spirits in a better
place.  I think I need to get to the grocery
for a few pet treats!            

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Comfort

Did I say comfort in winter.
Yes, there are pleasures to
be had in this very cold season.

Let's go, I'm sure they'll be
something you like.

Sledding & ice skating

Snowdays & lunch at

Warm scarves & Ugg boots

Hot chocolate & left over
   Xmas cookies

Electric blankets & heavy

Homemade bread & thick
   winter soups

A good book & movies
   to watch

Cozy fireplace & hugs
   from the one you love


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cocktail Thyme

Wanted to share an additional recipe with you that I forgot to include before.
And I found this wonderful little picture to use for my special Christmas or
New Years drink. I might just have to use it from now on. So see Earthly
Delights for this great tasting cocktail. Pomegranate Cosmopolitan.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Slip Sliding Away…..

Winter Is Here….BRRR

OK, enough! Dense, frigid air has descended
upon us here in the Midwest, well, Troy, Ohio
and that's all I care about. And what makes me
really unhappy is somewhere in Florida it's
81 degrees today…are you kidding!! So, this
particular phenomena is called a Polar Vortex.
A cyclone if you will. Think whirlpool, think
frozen tundra, think FRIGID!!! The weather
people are loving this, with all the jet streams,
autumn in Siberia stuff causing this little flux
in weather happening. But, the one news item
     that really moved me said..It was colder in
    Canada than it was on Mars. -31 degrees C
    in Winipeg, Manitoba Canada, and -29 degrees
    Mars, our Solar System in the Milky Way.
    hmmmm. Yes, well that's weather happening
    right now and you can get all that wonderful
    info from Google and the Weather Channel.
    I know I'm cold, my skin is very dry, and I
    want to snack, a lot.!


Husband Ron went out very early this AM and shoveled the driveway so
I wouldn't have too. What a guy! Chocolate chip cookies for him.
My picture sharing shows Sam, the Pug, out in the backyard. He loves
the snow. Just races around, puts his face down in the snow, then shakes
his head. It's so funny. Ron above doing the shoveling thing. So yes,
winter wonderland here. At least our outside Xmas decorations are down,



Friday, January 3, 2014

Thyme For New Things

Think about it for a minute, the whole New Years
 resolution thing. No don't do them. Don't you get
 tired of reading and hearing about dieting, getting
more sleep, getting more quality time with the
family, blah blah blah. Same thing every year!
Well, not me. Doesn't work anyway. I like to
think projects. This is my winter project, this is my
my summer project. And Ron says what's your
project is usually mine too. He just likes to think
basketball and golf. So we coordinate!! It's a
balance..ha! So yes a couple of for sure things we
want to do, making our ideas and decisions over
a glass of wine. We're pretty good about follow through too. And it has to
be finished..none of this starting now finishing two or three months later.
No, we get it done. So much fun to say DONE. It's a joke now. DONE!!
Sounds so good. My daughter has picked up on this, she's married, she's
learning. My son at at 27 not so much….>>>
So here's my thought for 2014, be positive. Ron
by nature is a positive person. I'm a worrier, take
after my Mom. All time worrier. But, I find as I
get older, my perspective is changing. And, I like
that. A lot of reflective thinking. Journal
writing now, thinking about the future. Oh the
passages of thyme!!
I'll leave you with this..

    Dear Lord,
Thank you for 2013, my family, my friends…...

Recipe Thyme

Welcome, wanted to share with you additional two
new recipes.  First one I found while looking at
Pinterest. A fun easy recipe, looks like Christmas.
Barbecue Ribs is the second dish. A real family
favorite. This recipe came from my friend Marian's
husband, Harry. Very, very good!

See Earthly delights for recipes.