Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thyme For Houseplants

Let's return to green and talk houseplants.
Simply, houseplants are those plants
grown indoors. I enjoy them during the
winter season because they make me feel
good. I'm closer to nature, to the outdoors.
So that reduces stress! Typically my plants
that are in the house now will go out to the
screened porch as soon as the weather
allows. So for now they are a good
decorating tool, pretty to look at. But did
you know plants increase our oxygen and
help purify the air in our homes? Studies
have been done showing all that dust we
accumulate in our home, well, toxins
abound folks. With dust, chemical-based
cleaners, etc. (see the web for specific info),
polluting our indoor air, houseplants
become even more important and necessary.
So please, use houseplants to filter the air
in your home.
My indoor plants are shown on the right.
Starting with the top, the first is Schefflera,
the second is Sansevieria (snake plant), the
third is Pothos, and the fourth is Norfolk                            
Island Pine. The second picture shows                                                          
a Jade plant, and the next is the herb                                                      
Rosemary. They are placed throughout
the house according to their light needs. I
keep them away from the registers (heat)
and the fireplace, and out of drafts (cold).
I check water needs about every 2 weeks.
The top four provide air purifying qualities.
You can find houseplants everywhere.
Information on how to provide care is with
the plant and of course you can Google too.
Be happy…be environmental…
get a houseplant!  

                                                       Frank Lloyd Wright

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