Monday, January 6, 2014

Winter Is Here….BRRR

OK, enough! Dense, frigid air has descended
upon us here in the Midwest, well, Troy, Ohio
and that's all I care about. And what makes me
really unhappy is somewhere in Florida it's
81 degrees today…are you kidding!! So, this
particular phenomena is called a Polar Vortex.
A cyclone if you will. Think whirlpool, think
frozen tundra, think FRIGID!!! The weather
people are loving this, with all the jet streams,
autumn in Siberia stuff causing this little flux
in weather happening. But, the one news item
     that really moved me said..It was colder in
    Canada than it was on Mars. -31 degrees C
    in Winipeg, Manitoba Canada, and -29 degrees
    Mars, our Solar System in the Milky Way.
    hmmmm. Yes, well that's weather happening
    right now and you can get all that wonderful
    info from Google and the Weather Channel.
    I know I'm cold, my skin is very dry, and I
    want to snack, a lot.!


Husband Ron went out very early this AM and shoveled the driveway so
I wouldn't have too. What a guy! Chocolate chip cookies for him.
My picture sharing shows Sam, the Pug, out in the backyard. He loves
the snow. Just races around, puts his face down in the snow, then shakes
his head. It's so funny. Ron above doing the shoveling thing. So yes,
winter wonderland here. At least our outside Xmas decorations are down,



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  1. Brrrr is right . No running outside in this frigid weather!