Friday, January 3, 2014

Thyme For New Things

Think about it for a minute, the whole New Years
 resolution thing. No don't do them. Don't you get
 tired of reading and hearing about dieting, getting
more sleep, getting more quality time with the
family, blah blah blah. Same thing every year!
Well, not me. Doesn't work anyway. I like to
think projects. This is my winter project, this is my
my summer project. And Ron says what's your
project is usually mine too. He just likes to think
basketball and golf. So we coordinate!! It's a
balance..ha! So yes a couple of for sure things we
want to do, making our ideas and decisions over
a glass of wine. We're pretty good about follow through too. And it has to
be finished..none of this starting now finishing two or three months later.
No, we get it done. So much fun to say DONE. It's a joke now. DONE!!
Sounds so good. My daughter has picked up on this, she's married, she's
learning. My son at at 27 not so much….>>>
So here's my thought for 2014, be positive. Ron
by nature is a positive person. I'm a worrier, take
after my Mom. All time worrier. But, I find as I
get older, my perspective is changing. And, I like
that. A lot of reflective thinking. Journal
writing now, thinking about the future. Oh the
passages of thyme!!
I'll leave you with this..

    Dear Lord,
Thank you for 2013, my family, my friends…...

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