Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Brr It's Cold Outside…Whatdya expect!!!

The big chill has caught up with us. It can be desolate, dreary,
and downright depressing. But, that's why there are books, 
comfort foods, old movies, new movies and bowling. What? 
Did she just write BOWLING!!!  Yeah, give it a try, it's fun, 
it's indoors, it's physical. Get the big picture. Life is seasonal 
folks…unless you can make a trip south for the next 3 months, 
then find your happy spot. There are many. ( insert big smile )

Not a lot of garden chores to be done this month. Gee no desire 
here to even visit my Potting Shed. Reading for me. The garden/
seed magazines are starting to fill my mail box. Just because our 
gardens are dormant, we don't have to be. Planning your spring 
garden can be fun. 

Now if you're really needing something to do, have you heard 
about the latest craze? Adult coloring books. Yes…really. 
Need a calm moment, a little less stress, how about some 
meditative zen-type exercise. There're free printable pages,  
see This is a great blog. Lots to read  
and do. I ordered my coloring book from Amazon. If you find 
yourself sitting/waiting somewhere, pull out your coloring 
book. Fun!

Visit for a new book review
or click on Sam's picture along the right side of the blog.

Ok another 2 recipes..yours for the taking. Wait a minute just 
staying busy here, is the place
to go. Check out helpful hints as well.

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