Friday, November 14, 2014

Brr…Its Cold, And Other Thoughts

I decided to test the theory about walking for 30 minutes; to lift  
the spirits, to exercise the body, to trigger the brain cells, thereby 
making myself more productive. I needed a happiness surge.  We
were hit a few days ago with an arctic blast, a big chill, a drastic
drop in temperature and none of us are happy right now. There
we were frolicking at 58 degrees, raking our leaves happily, when

yep, November reality kicked in. Geeze!! Suddenly the pressures 
of the daily grind hit hard. All because I was caught unexpectedly
by this cold front. I needed a change in attitude….

                                 Being happy doesn't mean that everything is
                                 perfect. It means that you've decided to look
                                 beyond the imperfections.  (unknown)

So outside I went, big coat, gloves, scarf, adjusting my mental
attitude as I walked. Not so bad. The sun was out, the geese flew
above honking, and I caught the scent of smoke.. I bet someone
had their fireplace going.. umm wonderful thought. It all began
to feel a little better. Endorphins kicking in, stresses ebbing……
And, it all seemed a little easier to take. Yes one foot in front of the
other, one thing at a thyme. So time to head back, there's coffee
and a muffin waiting. I have some things to do today and I feel OK.


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