Thursday, May 28, 2015

It's Busy Thyme In My Garden..Recipes & Pics

Welcome Lady Blue. My first garden girl to show up ready to
tackle all things garden. With her seed packets, shovel, watering
can, and hat she's ready to work. She even has her first flower 
basket ready to hang. You go girl! Love the purse and blue boots.

The lilacs and peonies have been beautiful this season. Hope 
you've cut yourself some wonderful bouquets.

I believe there are visitors to my garden. Mama Hen and her baby
chicks are exploring. More to come!! 

Work continues on the Potting Shed. Ron working hard on the 
redo. He deserved a well-earned meal, and dinner in the screened 
porch with glasses of wine helped. We had a bottle of Vidal Blanc, 
a Kentucky white wine, that was very good. 

An easy meal..
See EARTHLY DELIGHTS for recipes

Fairy gardens are fun. Here's a favorite I just finished. Tea 
thyme with the fairies. There are golden thyme herbs growing 
up the arbor, a miniature Sam, a bunny, and a sweet bird bath 
for everyone to enjoy.

Next Up: Strawberry Festival here in Troy

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