Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thyme To Talk Seeds

I so enjoy looking at seed
packets. Bright, colorful,
laying out your packets
is a good starting point
to begin thinking about
your garden plan.
Why plant seeds? It's
an inexpensive way to
have lots of plants along
with variety. Also you
may not be able to find
a particular variety at
your local garden shop.

Some vegetables like carrots, beets, turnips, (root vegetables),  don't
like to be transplanted. They are cold-hardy, meaning you can start
them earlier, the soil doesn't have to be warm. Now another reason
and maybe the main one for gardeners is….it's fun, educational, relaxing.

You can grow seeds indoors or outdoors. If you're starting some seed
indoors, it will be important to follow the seed packet instructions. You
won't get all the information needed so use other resources available.
Your local garden center, or a fellow gardener can also be helpful
assisting you with information about cool-season, warm season
vegetables or flowers that can be started indoors. Plus you'll need to
know soil mix, lighting, containers to use and then finally when to
transplant outside. If direct-sowing outside, know that there is a right
time to do this. Following the USDA Zone Planting Chart, our zone
here in our area is 5b. About May 15 is considered to be the safe time.
But always know what the current temperatures conditions have
been. The danger of continued frost has to be considered.
I hope you realize anyone can be a gardener. It just takes interest
and desire. A few plants, a couple of containers, or a large garden,
you will be rewarded with wonderful bounty. When you pick
that first tomato or cut that flower…it will make you feel so good...
why you'll have a big smile on your face!!
Next we'll talk about soil prep outside.


* All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today!!
                                                           Indian Proverb



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