Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Chores

Ron took Sam, the Pug,
back to son Ben. They
were both so excited
to see each other. Sam
was also happy to see
his friend Wyatt. They
are such good buddies.
Moving on, Sat. was
such a beautiful day we
decided to do some
chores. Ron continued
on his projects, then

filled the bird feeders. I pruned the rose bushes and added compost to my
small vegetable garden. Turned the soil over and cleaned it up a little bit.
Fertilized my indoor house plants, they will go to the porch as soon as the
weather warms up. Added some spring to the inside of the house by putting
out artificial flowers. They certainly brighten up everything. Noticing the
phlox, which surround the mailbox, is showing some new green growth.
Pretty soon, there will be beautiful tiny blue flowers all around this area.
This is what it looks like. Amazing!                                    

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