Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

My daughter gave me a book several years ago called,  Thoughts to Share 
With a Wonderful Mother.  She highlighted a favorite and I want to share
that with you. It is beautiful and the words timely. I feel blessed to have
two fantastic children. To my Mom, I love you.

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made for me. Thank you 
for all you've given me and all you've done for me.

I know there have been times that, had it not been for your 
unselfishness, my life would have been different: not as
balanced, not as happy.

Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for your example.
Thank you for being my mother. I wouldn't trade you
even if I could. I love you so much.  
(Donna Fargo, author)


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