Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Thyme For Bees..Flowers Please

Bees may look a little scary.  But bees are also a friend in nature. They are an
insect pollinator. Along with bees (including the Honey Bee), butterflies too
play an important role in cross-pollinating. They help pollinate all blooming
plants and flowers that provide vegetation and food for us. Cashews, gourds,
watermelons, kiwifruit are a few of the crops that need the bees and other
pollinators to grow and produce. The bees move pollen from a male
flower to a female one, eventually fertilization occurs.
Many plants require this process to reproduce
and grow. Another wonderful by-product from
certain bees are honey. A great sweetener that
contain antioxidants which boosts the body's
immune system.                                    
 What can we do? Plant a garden!
Whether it's perennials, wildflowers
or annuals, providing a variety will
help create lots of nectar and pollen
sources. Try Beebalm, Sunflowers,
Peonies, Black-Eyed Susans. Your
garden center will be glad to help in your
choices. Let's be proactive for our eco-system. Also be careful
with chemicals, try a natural-made product!


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  1. Very nice article. Hoping to help the Eco with my new garden in the making!