Sunday, June 1, 2014

June, Sharing, and A Ride in the Convertible

Today is the first day of June, if you're
wondering what a summer day should
be, this would be it! Warm, sun shining
with a gentle breeze, a Sunday morning
you could do just about anything you
wanted, (now don't get carried away).
Up early here, sitting outside with coffee
and cereal. Morning sounds of doves
and geese. Husband Ron golfing early,
and I want to take my time. Just wanted
to watch, to listen, to feel my day getting
started. I will fertilize my flowers, roses,
hydranges, and ferns today. That will be
enough. Time for a walk, early yet but a
few neighbors are out and we are all
solo doing our own thing..kinda peaceful..
I won't disturb.                                                                           
There my garden work done, I'm sitting
on the porch swing waiting for Ron.
We are going out for a ride in the Bug,
(convertible, color-Mellow Yellow). No
destination, a Sunday drive, stop for
lunch, "catch the scenery" and talk
about the week coming up.
We've decided to have pizza and wine
in the screened in porch later tonight.

Remember this,
that very little is needed to
make a happy life.

 Thanks for stopping by.

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