Monday, June 16, 2014

Snake Update and A Hummingbird


        GOT HIM!!!          

Jack Barnes of Wildlife Control came to my rescue. This intruder 
in my perennial garden was haunting me. Slithering around, the
snake just staked a claim, yep going nowhere. Openly basking in
the sunshine, I could easily walk up to it and well...didn't care.
Stronger action was called for. As I Googled, I discovered an
ad for wildlife removal. You name it. Jack will catch it and haul
it away. He had a raccoon he had caught earlier in a cage. Felt
such relief. I had my garden back. AND, Jack informs me, this
was a big (3 foot) female snake, about to have ALOT of babies.  
OMG! My mind was reeling with the possibilities. Whew!! Take
it away Jack! And thank you. Here's Jack's web site if you're
ever in need.      

This is my kind of sweet wildlife..

My first hummingbird picture, the feeder right by the patio. He's
been showing up at 10:30am and 8:30pm. Keep you posted.


  1. Oh thank God for Jack...i will sleep better tonight~

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