Monday, June 23, 2014

Strawberries, Buy Local, and Summer Thyme

When you live in my town and it's summer,
one very big thing comes to mind…..
why we even made it into Midwest Living
magazine one year. A 3 day event, its been
happening since 1977. So strawberries have
to be mentioned. I always go to to our farm
market, Fulton's, to purchase my berries.
My family likes them sliced over shortcakes
with whipped cream, delicious. I take a
couple of quarts, slice them in a big bowl
and squeeze several for the juice (put the
squeezed part in the bowl too), add water
to cover the berries, add sugar or sweetener
and put them in the refrigerator for a few
days. Stir every day, taste and add more                                                          
sugar if needed. Wonderful over cake,
ice cream or simply by themselves.
Most communities offer some kind of farm
market. Why shop there? Many reasons
 come to mind. Seasonal, fresh, typically
picked that day, foods at their peak in flavor
and nutrition. You're supporting your local
farmers and helping the economy. You're
protecting the environment, shorter distance
for transport, less packaging (less trash too),
organic options are available, and how about
variety, ever try rhubarb, makes a great pie.
Another great reason, you'll find fresh baked
goods. So savor the season, nourish your
family, connect with your community!

Now let's talk  SUMMER THYME…..
* going to baseball games
* riding bikes
* picnics and grilling out
* watermelon, ice cream cones
* freshly cut grass
* the beach, swimming pools
* daisies, butterflies, lightening bugs
* porch swings and rockers
* fresh garden ripe tomatoes
* 4th of July and fireworks
* convertible rides
* vacation time with family 
Oh my I could go on…don't you just feel
good!!! Outside everyone, have lots of
fun's summer thyme!!!

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