Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Cookie Recipe, Fairy Gardens and A Snake!

Friend Marian delivered Oatmeal Chocolate
Chip cookies. They are delicious. Note the
picture, Ron had quite a snack. See
EARTHLY DELIGHTS for new recipe.
I have finally finished putting together my
outdoor fairy gardens and I promised I
would share.

Fairy gardens are fun, you're only
limited by your imagination. Your
local garden centers now all seem
to have the miniature items and
show displays as well. Check online
for miniature garden websites.

Sam is visiting for a few days and while outside roaming he discovered frogs
in the window well AND a snake in my perennial garden at the Frog Hut site.
It seems this garter (?) snake has found a home. With all our rain recently,
he's discovered a new spot not only to sun himself but live in the Hut and feast
on the poor frogs. OK, I have to tell you I was just weeding on my hands and
knees, in this very garden the day before yesterday. Well, Sam wanted to
"investigate" a little further…I had to restrain and we backed away slowly.
What am I going to do? I need to discuss this with Ron and then Google
garter snakes. We took Sam for a walk and guess what, snake is still there,
sunning himself on the pebbles. The frogs in the window well are easy,
Ron has to get in there and just pick them out. No, we are not feeding them
to the snake. ( Note the Frog hut area and snake tail below.)


I will keep you posted!!!!
Anyone with knowledge
of garter snakes, please

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