Monday, April 28, 2014

Are you Feeling It?….

Weekend spent outdoors doing garden chores.
I love the cool mornings, little breezy but when
you're mowing it feels good. Ron and I
completed a lot of little projects and he was
able to catch some golf thyme. He also
discovered woodpeckers making a nest in
the neighbor's yard. Exciting watching them.
Trying to get a great picture to share.
Wearing a new garden thyme apron, one
of three I purchased from Etsy. This one
done by Mary from harvestaprongirl. It's
wonderful! Large pockets, long length,
and can you see the Garden Thyme With Diana embroidered at the top?
I will share the other 2 in later posts. Can't wait to get my herb pots planted.
Garden center here I come!!


  1. We have had a lot of complaints about woodpeckers damaging the cedar siding on homes around Dayton so far this year. Barnes Wildlife Control is helping deter the wood peckers to other nesting areas like the one you mentioned by using a new bird deterrent product called Bird Banisher.