Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thyme For A Book Review #2

MAGICAL JOURNEY by Katrina Kenison came my 
way after reading a few of her letters on the blog
connected to this author and loved her style of
writing. An honest thought-provoking book that
tells her story, her journey, her path if you will
of a very trying time in her life. Her son leaves
home before she had come to terms with that
happening, (are we ever ready for the empty
nest?) and this starts a series of changes in her
life. Her bittersweet truths set her on a spiritual
journey to find answers to: who am I, where am I
going, I'm getting old, a friend has died.. questioning
everything and wondering how do you get from
here to there. To me it's like you're outside yourself
and watching the losses grow. Where is the purpose.
Sounds heavy and negative doesn't it? Well it's not.
Really. You realize that you share these "things"
with other women. Shifting tides. I do a lot of
reflection lately and I think it's my age (63), the
lose of my Dad after being a caregiver, and watching
my daughter grow into herself and change. I look
back a lot when I think of her. I'm learning a lot more
now especially after reading this book, and maybe
realizing a little more of what life's all about. This story
about a woman who accepts, who allows grace to enter,
who's at peace right now, this very moment. That's
all we can ask for…right?                                                                                        

Thank You Katrina.                                                                                      

*A great book club selection                                                                          

* Review is my opinion                                                                                                  

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