Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thyme for Blog Housekeeping Duties

Heather, my blog mentor, came by for a little instruction.
Finally addressed the question of how to allow others
to follow my blog by email. Done…up and running.
Working very well so far. I was holding my breath on
this one. If you will look to the right hand column you
will see FOLLOW by EMAIL. Simply put in your
email and push submit. You will get instructions
on how to proceed. They will send you back a
confirmation email, then unscramble a few letters and
numbers and that should be it. Now what you will get
is a new post each time I do one (not the whole blog
site) just the most recent one. You will be able to go
to the Blog site by tapping on Garden Thyme With
Now, as to commenting on the Blog….you must
Join This Site, located on the right side under
PETALS. Simply follow the instructions given
to be able to comment on the individual post.
Plus you can add a picture. And please comment,
I'd love to see and read what you guys are thinking!
Moving on..a new profile picture and THYME
To READ have been added for all you book lovers.
Reviews are starting. I will add the date I do a
review by the book title located under BOOK LIST.
Whew!! Did you get all that! Boring, but necessary.
Fun stuff... added some FAVORITE BLOG sites,
which can be anything that interests me and GARDEN
SITES which, well you know where you buy
gardening "stuff". Just tap and there you be.
So hope this helps my friends…been quite a journey
so far. I'm lovin' it and having fun.

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