Sunday, April 6, 2014


Hello friends. I am so excited. There
is a new addition to my blog, Thyme 
To Read. I am such a big reader and
have enjoyed many different genres
of books. I want to share some of
those book titles that have brought
me enjoyment.
Hold on a minute, Sam, (the Pug),
has decided to check out the books
for himself. He just had to be a part
of this so, yep, he's putting his
"Paw of Approval" on each
book. See Sam's picture under this
new addition.
Ok, where were we. I started with 3
titles, nonfiction. My intent is to
offer my opinions about each book
with you. There will be a variety. I
will even include some cookbooks
and garden books. I will come back
to these 3 books and give you my
review and thoughts before I add
others. Please let me know if you
have favorites to share. Enjoy!


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