Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May..Give Us A Break

May typically progresses quite nicely. We expect the spring
rains and the winds that come pushing the storms along. We
expect cool mornings and sunny afternoon with temperatures
of 60's and 70's. We expect to open our windows and let the
fresh air in… We don't expect a frost with temps hovering at  
30 degrees during the second week of May. After Mother's 
Day we want to plant our annuals and tomatoes. We want
to hang our beautiful flower baskets and mow our lawns
happily in the early evening without a jacket and earmuffs.
A moment please…

Had to regroup and find myself..

Lets's get busy.
The grass is greener than green, and mowing is so therapeutic.

There's still lots to do. Mulching makes the yard look finished.

Early morning delivery, 8yds. See the steam rising off the mulch?
Love that smell.

Sam (the Pug) discovers a frog. They are everywhere in the garden.

My garden areas are shaping up. It makes me happy.

I love water features for the yard. This is my new one, the "ducks."
Tap the arrow to view. To view again hit the refresh button.

Next up: more garden stuff and a recipe

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