Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A New Beginning

Have I given you enough of a hint? Can you see where I'm
going with this post? Well, you would be right!!!! Ron and
I are going to be GRANDPARENTS. We are beyond thrilled.
Ben and Madison, as expectant parents, you're happy, 
delighted, excited and hopeful. A little bit scared and nervous,  
and fear (of the unknown) shows around the edges. That's ok, 
you should be all of the above. You're looking at a big job, a 
lifelong contract, a beginning with no end in sight, at least not 
for 20-30 years! Ha-Ha. But we know you're up to the task.
Love is there and God is at the helm. We can ask for no more.
Do your job, give it your best. Be a team Moore. If you need 
help, ASK. From both families, we give you love straight from
the heart.

Poem for Baby

Sweet little baby
Come so May.
Know you are loved
Our gift from above.
So stay nice and cozy
Mom's tummy so toasty.
And grow sweet dear
Your day is near.
For when your birth day comes,
We'll stand and cheer.
Our little angel is finally here.
                         Diana Moore (grandma)

*Buckle up Sam (the Pug)

Thanks for stopping by.. Diana

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