Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nature's Thyme

One thing has become apparent this winter. It's a week to week 
scenario. We've experienced mild temperatures, sunny days 
wearing only our jackets, then abruptly changing to single digit, 
bitter cold freezes. And, let's not forget the snow. While Ron 
and I are shoveling 3 inches of snow from our long, long, wide 
nuisance of a driveway, we are thinking that it's finally time for 
the snowblower to be on standby. Well, maybe not. It's going to 
be 61 degrees on Friday. Really? But, I'm not complaining. No 
sirree….I'll take it and smile. It does stay interesting. I'll walk
in most weather unless there is ice, my fear of falling takes over
and then it's to the treadmill in the basement. I like to be outside,
to wander around my yard, and scope out the changes. So how
about a little picture sharing thyme?

Much to see outside.

The chicks want to share too…visiting friends, shoveling snow
why they've even built a snowman.

I hope you enjoyed our visit outside.

a recipe from daughter Shakira

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous pictures ! Love the little chicks and their snowman!