Friday, December 20, 2013

Festive Treats

What"s that saying; nothing says
 loving' like something from the
 oven. Well who doesn't love all
 the cookies, candies, and chocolate
 covered somethings. When I was
 younger the powdered sugar was
 flying everywhere. During the
 holiday season I loved to give to
 my friends and relatives, not to
 mention Ron's workplace treats
 and something for the kids to
 take to school. It was fun.. the
 house always smelled so good.
 Now days, I bake a few things
 when the spirit moves me. I
 know I don't have to. One thing
 I make every year without fail
 are cupcakes with green mint
 icing and a candy cane stuck
 in the middle. This is my tradition,
 in memory of my Mom. When I                                    
 was in elementary school, my
 birthday, being December 20th,
 was also the day of the Xmas
 party. Yes, I proudly shared
 those cupcakes with my class.
 I'm smiling right now…….
 Thanks Mom!

 * Please enjoy 4 recipes. See
    Earthly Delights. Included are
    pictures of some goodies


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